Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 26 - Yes I'm back!

What's Motivating Me This Week?
 I took some more time off overcoming some crazy flu like thing that wiped me out. Plus I somehow pulled a muscle in my right arm - in my sleep! So anyhow I'm keen to do some exercise this week.

What's Puzzling Me This Week?
Should I try these tops at Virtu?

What's Bugging Me This Week?

Those stupid pins on pinterest that make you think - oh a new fitness blog I could follow, only it turns out its a link to the man trying to sell you his weight loss stuff with a monotone voice.

Also not working out for the last 2 weeks or so means I've put on weight. Oh well.

What's Encouraging Me This Week? 
I have a step coming to me, as well as my next lot of dumbbells, and a foam roller! No more sore calves and shin splints for me.

What's the Plan?
 New step means I want to start doing some step videos - obviously. This 'Fit of Duty - Basic Step Workout' is pretty easy - so I'm pumping it up with weights. The step won't be getting here quickly mind you - but I'm keen anyway.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hey folks,,, folk,,, anyone?

I've been taking a break from blogging my health stuff. Partly because I've been way too busy and also because I was getting to caught up with hating myself if I did miss a workout or if I didn't do as well as I should have. So I cut it back to just Zumba lessons if I could make it.  

This weekend was my chance to get back on the wagon so to say, but I ended up not feeling well on Saturday. I spent most of the day napping on the couch or sleeping in bed.  Today, I woke up feeling sore all over still, but I still needed to spend most of my morning in front of the computer doing school work and most of the afternoon on the floor marking school work.

So this week I will do Zumba again and probably not much else until the weekend.

In the mean time, did I tell you fitted into a pair of size 16 jeans?