Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The next unit in Creative Arts is about paper sculpture - and I found some amazing books on paper pop-ups on ebay - but because of the strike - I won't buy them just yet - I hope they will relist them later.

However I managed to get one of the books I wanted a few weeks ago on etsy. I didn't know you could sell books on esty - but apparently your can - sweet!

Update on the dye job front:

It works pretty well - just excuse the photo and that fact that it isn't finished.

And I took photos of the three boys on the weekend:


These are off Mazin's hands. I decided to name him Mazin - it's still Arabic and fits in with him being a Genie - and it means storm clouds.

Monday, February 25, 2008


NG is used for 'no good' takes in movies and TV. This morning has been a big NG for me. Diarrhoea. I've got it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dye job

I've been experimenting with dyeing my dolls wigs. So far though I have used some sharpies on the faux fur.

This link is about using an ink:

This link is about making sharpie ink:

Although I only have pastel sharpies - but I think it is working well.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He's here

Yes he is. I feels a lot different from the Bi and Raiu. Bi is very fine like porcelain or ivory. Raiu has more tooth and Mum and I noticed this a lot in comparison to Bi. However the new guy is a lot rougher - but just feels so much more handmade.

He has a lot more detail then the other two boys - and I like him. So he's staying with me.

Hmm, tomorrow and Thursday I will be Acting Principal. Tonight I don't feel like doing much schoolwork - oh well.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I just spent the last 2 hours making a who wants to be a millionaire revision powerpoint show. URGH! It was so frustrating using the new version. Still haven't eaten or found receipts.

Good news - Tanned Mano is Australia! But is now in the hands of Australia Post!!!


I feel I got a lot accomplished today. I probably didn't but here is my list

- uploaded the next set in our school's ICT project
- rang Canberra to find out about student visits - free apparently!
- marked homework sheets and sorted out spelling for a while
- set up most of the computers in the computer room (all new!)
- rang up the book company to find out what is happening with my books (they didn't have two - but the one I want the most is on its way)
- printed out the English teachers assoc. paper work - to fill in at some later date when I have money
- researched and printed out English unit stuff
- printed out this week worksheets for my students so I don't have to photocopy them

And tonight I will find the receipts so I can claim back my expenses!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


No I didn't go swimming and my team lost but we had a great night.

I was chief timekeeper/judge and wore my Indian headdress. I kept two stopwatches in case people stuffed up, and decided between close calls. My time keeping thumbs are pretty good - I got my two stop watches in sync with each other - it's nice when they both read the same times. Our time keeping is pretty serious business - we only had one altercation with a parent this time.

When I got home - after going out for icecream that is - we were just in time for Cash Cab (A game show that is played in a taxi) and it was the Super Duper episode - so we got Kyle to capture it for us! Youtube here we come.
just wanted to share this address - beautiful dolls!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Story Books and Fairy Tales

I love them. I only have a few of them from my childhood (what? I still am a child) but the ones I kept a fantastically illustrated. This evening I was searching for illustrators so my search led me to:

Kay Nielsen whose work is just beautiful - I would like to have a few of his prints

And then a search of papercut led me to this webpage which I know I have visited before and loved: Ullabenulla

Which led me to this great book Storybook Style which features homes in the style of storybook homes. I think living in a sotrybook home would be so much fun - I would love a turret.

One of Dad's friend made himself a castle - but his new wife didn't like it much so now it is more French storybook style. It is so cool.

I have been thinking that I would love to own a fairytale store for a long time - I would like to call it The Crystal Cauldron. It would have all sorts of lovely things like artwork, crystals, classes and cups, lace and books. I keep a list of things whenever I think of something new.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tan Mano

So some of the aircons are in place and working. It was great being cold for once. But we will all now come down with a cold or something because we were moving from hot to cold all day.

This morning I ordered a few books for senior English - I hope I get them by the end of next week because they are really good and were recommended by the head honcho of my district.

I can't find the postcards from the exhibition! So frustrating!

Remember when I found a doll that is perfect for a character. I never thought that I would actually get him though because there were only 20 or so made. But this morning one was put up for sale - and I have already contacted the person. Thank goodness I didn't try for the other doll I was talking about the other day. You see I have a doll budget this year - after I buy this guy - if I manage to get him that is - I will only have $400 or so left.

I have been looking at my other collect of vinyl dolls - there is a pinky:st that I must get shortly.

I must get a Mimo doll soon - because they are becoming rarer then hen's teeth.

And I am still after solar toys.

I am a sad sad person.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I'm tempted to buy another 2nd hand doll - but I won't just yet because I want to make some stuff for the ones I have already. I'm planning on selling some clothes using an Easter theme (pastels and stuff) - maybe I can use any money made for another doll.

I'm pretty tired still - I don't know why.

I bought a book about learning different languages - the author is Australian and he has a nice writing style. I haven't finished reading it yet - but what he says is interesting and I could see that it would work.

What really caught my eye was that when he was growing up he thought that learning another language would be cool because he liked to write in codes - so if he could speak another language it would be like speaking in a secret code. Can you see me nodding: yep, yep, that's me too!

C spent last night working on uni - when I looked over his shoulder I was pretty horrified at the maths. Run away! Maths is not a secret code that I want to learn.

Laptop update - if I wait until after July 1st - there is a Government 50% rebate for things bought for educational purposes - which will include laptops!!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm Back

So I went to Brisbane this week. I flew down on Monday and came back today - for a half day course on copyright. In May (?) our school has to audit our use of digital material - so Education Queensland can find out who owns copyright and who gets paid for their stuff.

So anyway - I went into Borders after the conference and bought a few magazines, some yaoi, a few language books. It frustrates me that they have so many manga titles but there are holes in their volumes - usually in the first few volumes! So I didn't buy love com because they had random ones. I'll just save up and buy online later.

I also went to the Andy Warhol gallery. It was great - picked up a few postcards and some magnets.

Our front yard looks like we are preparing for war - trenches. They found out the issue that we had with the bath was caused by tree roots. So at least the bath now drains - but they need to come in and fix up the plaster etc too.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Books that I want

55 clay animals - for a creative art unit

silver clay accessories - I found out you don't need a kiln to use silver clay

Boy's Clothes - because I have a lot of girl's patterns

Basic hat book - My first piece of clothing I made was a hat!

I named my new boy Raiu - it's Japanese for thunderstorm. I also made him a wig that suits him much better then the wig he automatically comes with. Although the light was funny when I was taking photos yesterday.


Bi - oh so squishy and cute.

Friday, February 01, 2008

I stayed up late last night and watched most of Nodame - it was really good. Even David got a little hooked. I'm now downloading some new Ouran Host Club - I want to buy it - from here.

I'm in Brisbane next Monday and Tuesday - maybe I'll pop into Borders.