Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tan Mano

So some of the aircons are in place and working. It was great being cold for once. But we will all now come down with a cold or something because we were moving from hot to cold all day.

This morning I ordered a few books for senior English - I hope I get them by the end of next week because they are really good and were recommended by the head honcho of my district.

I can't find the postcards from the exhibition! So frustrating!

Remember when I found a doll that is perfect for a character. I never thought that I would actually get him though because there were only 20 or so made. But this morning one was put up for sale - and I have already contacted the person. Thank goodness I didn't try for the other doll I was talking about the other day. You see I have a doll budget this year - after I buy this guy - if I manage to get him that is - I will only have $400 or so left.

I have been looking at my other collect of vinyl dolls - there is a pinky:st that I must get shortly.

I must get a Mimo doll soon - because they are becoming rarer then hen's teeth.

And I am still after solar toys.

I am a sad sad person.

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