Sunday, June 17, 2007

I cat believe how hard it is raining atm. Who knew? So all of my clothes are wet or still dirty.

My ICT course has finished, now I have to wait to seee whether i passed it or no - was very stressed on Friday because things were not going right with it at all. Sorry mum.

Hav been writing my repord cards - so far I have written 3000 words and I am not finished yet.

That makes my total counted word count for this fortnight 9000 words, so I am guessinng 10 000 words in total.

My fingers and my brain is sore.

Yesterday for a break I took Charles to the squash courts for a run around.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Got it nailed

I love nail polish and nail art. I don't take photos of my nails very often though. The other night I won two nail polishes - but just as I was about to pay for them I realised that the ebay seller was selling heaps of good brand polish for about $2! 13 bottles later and I'm done.

I can only buy cheapo nail polish out here that peals off after a day and never dries (Can you belive that nail polish doesn't dry out here in what is usually a very hot dry place?) and whenever we are near a Price Attack or Big W I buy up on nail polish as well - but I always seem to buy the same colours like bronze. So I bought a variety of colours as well as some normal ones. I even got a glitter....

Glitter nail polish is the handiest nail polish to buy because if you make a mistake or you mark the polish just before it dries, just go over it in glitter because it will hide it. I have 3 different types of glitter polish but am always on the hunt for more.

I was looking into doing the nail technicial cert III - because I can do most of it (theory) via correspondence and then do a few weeks at the actual school for the practical. I could possibly do it next year because I will have long service due. It wouldn't be very helpful out here in Winton because two other people do nails, including a friend of mine, so I wouldn't want to start more competition - but I don't plan on living in Winton all my life.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Had a pretty great time at the show last night, I went on the two rides (yes only two rides - but different from the last three years!) 6 times. My students get so excited - but I'm usually the only adult on them.

I played darts and the clowns. Won a penguin, a tucan, a fish, a teddybear and C won a woppie cushion. I ate a dagwood dog, and I will have another for lunch (once I get a bit of work down) and bought flairy foss, lots of lollies including honeycomb (which I will send to mum BEFORE it gets eaten) and got a new hat for school.

At the moment I am looking at Rnjetta's ribbon collection. C would have conniptions if he saw me looking at them.

It is too cold from my siamese fighting fish - one died last night. Sorry to leave you on that sad note.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


My great-grandmother's house, who I called Gran, is for sale again. She died 8 years ago, so seeing her house for sale brings tears to the eye. I wish I had the money...

This is the concert that we have been practising for in Choir. We are the opeoing act for the Queensland Music Festival.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Well just played squash, I managed to get some points. But why oh why was I put on line six? I really need to sort out my serve and hitting on the full. Plus I was really nervous, I'll try not to be next week.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nailed it

I just finished my nails, a french tip with a pink flower rhinestones. Aw that's so preddy. I start playing squash tomorrow on the sixth line, not the seventh (bottom) line.

Tomorrow is one of my best days at school. Yeah for me! We will be moving into a new room at the end of the term because the high school staff room has been condemned. I am moving with them because atm I live by myself in the science lab. The Aboriginal co-ordinator will be moving into my old room, and the old staffroom will be turned into a storege space for all of us high school eacher to keep units and old tests etc.

Agh - I can't believe Alice just won Australian Next Top Model she's a fish faced, emotionless pit. The whole show she sat there looking like she swallowed a lemon! And the fact that their excuse to not select Steph was that she was too young - well, why did they allow 16 year olds to enter if that was going to be the case? Go Steph! Go out there and make more money then that whiny excuse ridden excuse of a model. However I know that Alice is 'the look' for Paris and runway so she will do well, but I feel so bad for Steph!

Friday, June 01, 2007


I just played some squash, it's been a long time since I played much squash but I'm going to be playing this season's fixtures. Today was just to work out what grade I will be playing, they put me against Rusco and he said that we were evenly matched. I don't know what level he is on though but he likes to hit really fast so if I have to play him again I'm just going to keep the ball slow and just make him run. I think I will be on the bottom rung - my serve wasn't as good and I couldn't hit open face full shots - but everything else was okay - just have to practise those things again.

I got my first item back from Monika for the ICT course that I am doing - 2000 words later - but Monika didn't write an evaluation form because there was nothing she felt she could say to improve it. YEAH!

Another great this is that our school won two awards for our education in the early years and middle phase. Which is pretty fantastic, I'm obviously excited about the middle phase since that is where I have been working.

abc news item about it

Even more great news for school is that we have also won a grant to purchase 20 new computers!