Sunday, June 10, 2007


Had a pretty great time at the show last night, I went on the two rides (yes only two rides - but different from the last three years!) 6 times. My students get so excited - but I'm usually the only adult on them.

I played darts and the clowns. Won a penguin, a tucan, a fish, a teddybear and C won a woppie cushion. I ate a dagwood dog, and I will have another for lunch (once I get a bit of work down) and bought flairy foss, lots of lollies including honeycomb (which I will send to mum BEFORE it gets eaten) and got a new hat for school.

At the moment I am looking at Rnjetta's ribbon collection. C would have conniptions if he saw me looking at them.

It is too cold from my siamese fighting fish - one died last night. Sorry to leave you on that sad note.

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