Friday, September 26, 2014

Aussie Curves - Fears Exposed

Unshaven legs.

I hate shaving my legs and try and do it only once a week plus special occasions.

If I do it any more my legs break out, I've tried using a new razor in each leg and waxing but blahhh.  Now I use an electric razor.  TMI?  It's going to get worse.

So I shave at the beginning of the week and of course by Friday I've got myself a spiky little forest.  Which means I wear long pants to cover my legs, even if it is near 40 degrees.

I'm paranoid that someone will say something about my hairy legs - flash backs to high school I guess.

So anyway, here I am wearing a skirt on Friday with my legs all hairy.  

Top - Target
Skirt - me made
Shoes - Rubi
Belt - Autograph

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NaNoWriMo Filofax

- my photos include swear words -

I'm a glutton for punishment; I am thinking about signing on for NaNoWriMo.  It's basically writing 50,000 words in November.

My writing partner is also going to try so at least I'm not going to be alone.

What really helped me earlier this year was using my write-o-fax.  It keep me on track and all my notes in one place.  I figured that I should create a new one for my next draft.

Hello fluro pink Original.  This was actually my first Filofax - I bought it for too much money on eBay - lol.

So pink.

My front divider. Behind that is a November calendar so I can keep track of my word count.

I then have the diary section, using Filofax week to two pages.

I'm keeping my page with a homemade bookmark, I've taped a stack of sticky notes from Kikki K onto it so that once I've finished for the day I can write down what my focus is for the next day.

Character profiles are behind here.  I haven't done these yet.

I'll put info about NaNoWriMo behind this one. Nothing here yet.

Tip sheets and stuff.

Notes and research can go here.

Ohh pretty paper from Kiddy Qualia.

I'm pretty chuffed with my effort, meanwhile my daily filofax still hasn't got nice dividers.  I might look into finding some nice scrapbook paper while I am in Townsville.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Midori Traveler's Notebook

Last week my absolutely wonderful husband that knows me too well, gave me a gift voucher to celebrate me writing my first draft of my first novel.

The gift voucher was for an online store called NoteMaker.  A stationery store...

Obviously they had some amazing things that I love like washi tape and pens but I decided to buy something that I had talked myself out of liking.  

So I had seen the Midori Traveler's Notebook around online,and had thought, 'Oh, that looks nice. But I already have a heap of notebooks.'  Part of me also scoffed at paying so much for a square of leather, but apparently I am too lazy to make my own fauxdori.

Anyway, when I saw that Notemaker had them in stock, I just went with it.  A week later I had a tasty bundle of stationery awaiting me at the P O Box.

I like a stationery store that has its own sticky tape design.  Also an awesome foldable card pocket thing that housed my invoice.

Refills -
Kraft paper
Plain pages
Grid pages

I'm using my Midori for a self esteem love myself happy thought journal.  

It will also feature my cats.

I also bought these too cute for real mini pacers by Delfonics.  I think I want them in every colour.  I gave one to C as a thank you. To keep it in the Midori I also bought a Leuchturm1917 pen loop.

I am so happy with my new purchase and now that I'm a 'friends for life' I will be visiting NoteMaker again :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekends are the best

Especially when it backs up to the holidays.  Extra lazy!

Did some crochet for my growing pile of face cloths that will become part of my Christmas presents.

I watched - am watching - Arrow episodes while eating - scoffing - Flakes.  Squish says no more chocolate for you.

Worked on my fluro pink Filofax, details to come.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Filofax travel

A few weeks ago I left home and travelled just under 2000km to visit Sydney. I've posted about it here. The map is from and shows you how far I went - sort of. We actually drove 170km to Longreach, then flew to Brisbane and then down to Sydney, it still took us about 12 hours.

I wanted to enter the Filofax 'How well traveled is your Filofax' competition that they are running at the moment, so I made sure to take a photo of my new silver Original in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

Back home in the outback, I of course needed to take a photo of a windmill and some dust, got a bit of fence in as well. Past the outskirts of town, we are surrounded by barren plains, and some smudges of hills in a cloudless sky.

My town, Winton, is actually pretty famous, it's were Waltzing Matilda was written and first performed, we have a museum about it.  We have the largest collection of Australian dinosaurs - and finding more.  We even have the world's biggest deckchair and one of the last open air theaters. We have some other nifty places too, as well as a biannual festival in September - this year is the off year. I feel pretty lucky to have lived here.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Aussie Curves - Tee

T-shirts are easy.   No ironing, easy to dress up and down, cool and comfortable.

During the Christmas holidays I read that another state had banned teachers from wearing t-shirts to work.  If our state did that I would just die - from heat exposure.

Kimono Tee - Moda
Pants - City Chic
Shoes - Rubi
Necklace - So Good (In Sydney)

Monday, September 08, 2014

Kikki K - long overdue - haul

In case you haven't noticed, I love a bit of stationary.  Kikki K is a definite weakness.

I made two videos for this post - but apparently the universe doesn't want me to show anyone a flick threw of my new Kikki K Time Planner and Personal Planners.  It took me two days of rangling itunes and imovie and youtube and then when I finally got one uploaded it looked terrible!

I'm adding it here but let me warn you - it's pretty bad - I have no idea why it looks good on my ipad and iphone but so bad on youtube and frankly I don't care anymore.


I did take some side by side photos of both planners.  The Time Planner is on bottom in the photos.

My opinion:

I actually prefer the Time Planner because the diary and calendar section are dated. There are lot of note type paper in the Personal Planner that I just don't think I will use.

The set out of the actual planners are the pretty much the same - same pockets etc.  However, the black printed fabric lets the Personal Planner down, I would rather the leather. However I like the gold patten on the outside of the Time Planner rather then just the plain.

I'm not fussy either way about the elastic (Time Planner) or snap (Personal Planner) fastening - the elastic on my current Time Planner looks grubby though.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sydney highlights

This week we flew to Sydney primarily to support a friend who had entered a jewellry competition. 

We had a great time and watched 'The Lion King' and saw some sights.  I went to Lady Gaga's concert.

Queen Victoria building

Lady Gaga

Luna Park

Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Opera House.

Food, so much food.

Only a little bit of shopping.

Went really high in some lovely outfits with our faux children.

Hung out with some famous people.

Week 34-35

Week 34

Lots of pretty!  Kikki K stickers and pink spotty washi tape from Swanston St Supplies on Etsy.

Week 35

Kikki K stickers of reindeer and washi tape from Chiyogami Designs on eBay.  Random star stickers as well.