Sunday, August 24, 2014

Aussie Curves - Everyday Style

I didn't capture everyday, but I got a few photos taken.  Some more dodgy than others.

What is my everyday style?
  • colour
  • quirky accessories
  • comfort

Me pretending to ride a bike in my pink biker's jacket

I have no idea.

Congratulations you made it to the end!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kiddy Qualia review

A few months ago I bought some paper off KiddyQualia from Etsy.  Link to the store here.

For A5 fans there was heaps of choices.

As a lover of colour - these sets are amazing.  I love the rainbow of papers used and I got both grid and lined papers. I also got another lined set for a friend.

I thought I would try out some pens on the Ivory pack that I bought. The paper is a lovely thickness, and the ink in all the pens worked well on its surface.

Here you can see that not many of the pens bleed through to the other side - the worse of course is the Sharpie - but honestly I've seen worse.

Now for price.  I bought 4 packs which including postage cost me about $21 each.  That may seem expensive, but then when you work out how much the original materials and how long it would take to print and cut your own paper to get the same product, then I think I would rather pay.

I would highly recommend Kiddy Qualia's papers.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Make up haul

Australis and a little Hello Kitty haul that I bought from

I bought the Hello Kitty eye shadows and pretty eyeliner to go into a Christmas present, they are cute and apparently quite good.

I cracked open that Brush On Mineral Illuminator - but I have no idea how that thing works.  Plus it's huge.  I do get a little bit of product on my hand when I try it, but I guess I'll have to work on that one.

Okay, now onto the actual cracking:

So glad I opened this up to check.  This was also destined for a present. 

The other thing I was perturbed about was the fact that one of my lipsticks had a 'tester' sticker on it.  It doesn't look used at all - perfectly smooth.

So bit of a mixed bag of emotions upon opening this haul :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bellabox - July

Opps, a little late for this one especially since the August box arrived today.

So I love the Designer Brands lip butter and the Yu-Be cream.

My favourite though was the Rituelle body scrub - smells delicious and so good that it's Australian.

What didn't work for me was the Model Co eyeliner - this was what I looked like after a few hours.  I know that I'm pretty bad at eye liner but jeeze I've never had this happen!

I haven't tried the other samples yet.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I've finished the first draft of my novel.

That is all...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hair - part 3

I really like the idea of wigs but I've never been confident enough to buy one let alone wear one.

When I was growing up there was a lady, a friend's mother, that would occasionally wear a wig out and about - she was way too dramatic for our small country town.


There are a few online shops that sell great wigs such as Rockstar wigs.  But I didn't want to spend too much money on an experiment.

So I went on eBay.  I actually found a few wigs that look the same as on the more expensive sites.

I bought my wigs through the eBay shop Insteaddo.  I've linked the photos to the eBay auction.

Pink wig:

Too fake but fun!  I actually think that this colour suits my skin.  The fringe needs neatening.

As you can see the wig isn't as long the top seller's photo, but is the same as the middle one.

This one is actually passable as my real hair. The fringe is long enough to flick to one side.

The length is right, the curles are okay too.  But I really want to give the ends a brush.

This is the one I wanted to wear to Lady Gaga.  The fringe really needs to be trimmed.

This one is different from both the pics as far as I am concerned.  The length is in between and it doesn't seem as fluffy.  It is fluffy but not FLUFFY.  The top layer of the wig isn't crimped.  I'm not unhappy with it though.

Please note that I AM wearing a singlet in that last photograph!

So what have I decided? Well, they could be quite addictive actually. I haven't yet worn them anywhere.

They don't feel like real hair - the fringes are irritating at the wrong length but overall they weren't uncomfortable for the little while I wore them.

Aussie Curves - denim

I wear denim jeans to work a lot, so I really didn't stretch myself far this week.

I did however rock a huge ass messy bun in my hair.

Jeans - Crossroads
Top - Big W
Shoes - Fiebiger
Brooch - Erstwilder

Stars and spots - such a rebel

Bun and cat pin - felt like a dainty ballerina all day.

Bonus - although chambray is not denim, I'm including it anyway since it was during this week.


This is what I wore for class photos this year.  I hate class photos with every single strand of fibre in my body, and yet I've only ever missed one.

Blurry face, more like soft focus.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Gelicious - Can We Still be Friends?

I'm loving this new colour!  This is three coats but this would look lovely over other colours. I'd want to try this over a dark blue - it would look all nebula and spacey.

Really pretty.

All shiny and sparkly - way to hard for me to photograph apparently.

I would live Gelicious to create a few more glittery polishes to play with layering.

FIlofax Metallic

So yes.

I bought it.

The Original Organiser Metallic.

I bought an A5 in silver.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Instax Share

The other day I decided that I would quit thinking about the Instax Share and just buy the thing.

I could have bought from eBay or from overseas but I went Australian, via Gerry Gibbs Camera House.  It was way more expensive but I wanted it within a week and with no issues.

I didn't realise that the plastic is actually glittery pearlescent .  I tried to photograph it.

Pretty cute device.  I can't wait to take it with me to Sydney.

Basically you print photos from your phone to it.  It uses Fujifilm instax film.

Here's a video to show you its awesomeness in action:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 32

Easy decorating this week.  Ocean at the bottom, sky at the top, some blue washi in between.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Joya necklace from Larry Post

C bought me a present this week.

He got it from Larry Post - an amazing shop by the way if you are a stationary whore.

Pretty awesome right?  

I wore it to school yesterday and had two kids try to bite it - admittedly they do look like jawbreakers or something.   They are actually tagua seeds.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Writing desk

I love my writing desk.  I have a few things on it that make me happy.  Today I'm showing you my little tin houses and my polished stones.

Sweet aren't they?

Next is my write-o-fax and my current note book.  I love the Smiggle keyring attached to the Filofax.

There we go - a quick little tour of my desk - more to come at a later date!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Music I'm loving at the moment

I'm gushing on Gaga at the moment in prep for her concert!!!  I'm so excited.

Looking good and feeling fine!

I've been singing this one a lot lately...

Fantastic fabulousa - you look so wonderfula

There is a bit of a theme going on, isn't there?

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Aussie Curves - Red

I woke up this morning and released I hadn't worn red all week.  I couldn't find a red top that I know I have. I didn't want to wear a red dress.  I went with jewellery instead.

Of course Erstwilder parrots would be perfect.

Sorry about my dodgy photos , I'm so lazy!  Haven't even brushed my hair.

Top - Be Me
Jeans - City Chic

Saturday, August 02, 2014


I lost out on an eBay purchase last night, a second hand heddle loom. So in consolation I got out my toy looms that I use in home Ec.

I warped up and then started weaving. It's so relaxing going backward and forwards.

Then I thought I would try putting in rya weave.  That was fun.

After that I locked the rya tassels in with some more weaving.

To finish off I took out a loop at a time from under the sticky tape, that I use to make sure the yarn doesn't come loose, and tied it.

I realised my starting warps ends were a little short so I tied them off and then used a fine crochet hook to hide the ends in the back.

Apart from that terrible finish at the bottom I'm pretty happy with my little tapestry.