Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hair - part 3

I really like the idea of wigs but I've never been confident enough to buy one let alone wear one.

When I was growing up there was a lady, a friend's mother, that would occasionally wear a wig out and about - she was way too dramatic for our small country town.


There are a few online shops that sell great wigs such as Rockstar wigs.  But I didn't want to spend too much money on an experiment.

So I went on eBay.  I actually found a few wigs that look the same as on the more expensive sites.

I bought my wigs through the eBay shop Insteaddo.  I've linked the photos to the eBay auction.

Pink wig:

Too fake but fun!  I actually think that this colour suits my skin.  The fringe needs neatening.

As you can see the wig isn't as long the top seller's photo, but is the same as the middle one.

This one is actually passable as my real hair. The fringe is long enough to flick to one side.

The length is right, the curles are okay too.  But I really want to give the ends a brush.

This is the one I wanted to wear to Lady Gaga.  The fringe really needs to be trimmed.

This one is different from both the pics as far as I am concerned.  The length is in between and it doesn't seem as fluffy.  It is fluffy but not FLUFFY.  The top layer of the wig isn't crimped.  I'm not unhappy with it though.

Please note that I AM wearing a singlet in that last photograph!

So what have I decided? Well, they could be quite addictive actually. I haven't yet worn them anywhere.

They don't feel like real hair - the fringes are irritating at the wrong length but overall they weren't uncomfortable for the little while I wore them.

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