Saturday, May 31, 2014

Me Made May - week 5

Phew... One whole month of me mades. 


Pants - Target
T-shirt - Me Made
Shrug - Me Made


Jeggings - Crossroads
Shirt - Sara - altered by me


Pants - Target
Top - Me Made - Scout


Career Day at school - I came dressed as a professor at Hogworts.

Cape and Hat are Me Made.


Cardi - Big W
Jeggings - Crossroads
T-shirt - Me Made
Necklace - Me Made

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Me Made May - week 4

I had a doozy of a week let me tell you! It even involved a bit of travel - 3 hour road trips!

Anyhoo on with the clothes.  I only took photos of four outfits this week because of the stay over mid week. It was a repeat of one of last week's outfits anyway.


Both the leggings and the dress are me made,  check out those mismatched stripes - perfectly wrong!


The top was one that I had to see up to prevent the gaping!


Not photographed but I wore a me made black t-shirt.


Me made skirt and t-shirt! 


Me made t-shirt and skirt.

Is it the last week next week?  I'm pretty proud of my effort.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Week 20 - 21

So busy... How did I live without my planner?

Week 20

Washi tape and hole protectors come from Daiso, and the stickers are from the newsagency.  I really liked it and made it me happy during a busy week.

Week 21

Matryoshka stickers are from Daiso, washi from Swanston Street Supplies and the fruity stickers were from a local newsagent.

And here are my keyrings that hang off the planner.  The mushroom is aCath Kidson; I bought it on holiday in Thailand from an actual Cath Kidson shop!  The cats are from Rickyandnina on eBay.

Unfortunately my cats have broken off this week so I need to fix them.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Me Made May - Week 3

I just can't seem to take clear body shots with this phone - maybe I need to play with settings.

This week I wanted to make sure I wore something other than my own t-shirts, so you see my leopard pants. Sadly I tore them at work, so I'll see if I can repair them.

Monday - 12 May

T-shirt - me made
Jeans - Big W
Scarf - Crossroads
Shoes - Simply Bee

Tuesday - 13 May

T-shirt - me made
Yoga pants - me made
Socks - Target
Shoes - Asics

Wednesday -14 May

T-shirt - me made
Pants - 17 Sundays
Shoes - Rubi
Scarf - Millers

T-shirt - me made
Yoga pants - me made
Socks - Target
Shoes - Asics

Thursday - 15 May

Top - Big W
Pants - me made
Sandels - Therapy from The Iconic

Friday - 16 May

Dress - Basque
Leggings - me made
Sandels - Therapy from The Iconic
Necklace - Lovisa

I love these leggings.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Me Made May - week 2

Monday - 5th


Leggings - Me made
Dress - Capture
Cardi - Big W
Boots - Williams I think

Tuesday - 6th

T-shirt - Me made
Pants - City Chic
Cardi - Big W
Scarf - Thailand
Shoes - The Iconic

Wednesday - 7th

Leggings - Me made
Shirt - Big W

Thursday - 8th

Shirt - Capture
Jeans - Crossroads
Boots - I don't know
Necklace - Diva?

I'm including this because I would not have been able to wear this shirt unless I had sewn up the gaps between the buttons.

Sunday - 11th

Another t-shirt that I made, wore it with PJs for most of Sunday.  Check out my blue tips.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Week 19

What a week for stationery!  Look at all my new lovelies.  I did get some for my husband as we'll so we wouldn't fight over them.

Double trouble - color eno leads so we each have a set.

I bought all if these from pokydaddy on eBay. I will be buying from them again.

Uni ball made these lovelies - they are erasable.

And then I also got myself a Coleto.  Ohhhh so good.  I see another in my future.

I hope my stationary haul makes up for my lackluster spread.

I really wanted a sewing based theme but do you know that I didn't have a single sewing sticker?  

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Aussie Curves - Time Saver

Hazzah! It's been so long since I did an Aussie Curve that I decided that I MUST participate!

Like lots of places in QLD - it suddenly got cold here - we went from high 20s into 30s and then we went down to 7-10.  I'm excited because I love cooler weather!

Because it has been colder in the mornings, it has taken me longer to get out of bed, and so I'm looking for time savers.  I'm also doing Me Made May - so I have to wear something I made or altered 5 days every week.

Pants - City Chic
T-shirt - me made
Cardi - Target
Sandles - The Iconic
Scarf - from Thailand

These pants are becoming my favs.  I should have bought 2 pairs.  They don't need ironing and are really comfy. 

By the end of the day I had taken off the cardi and the scarf because it got hot again.  I put them back on for the photos...
So glad to be back - I'll have to check out next week's theme.