Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Aussie Curves - Time Saver

Hazzah! It's been so long since I did an Aussie Curve that I decided that I MUST participate!

Like lots of places in QLD - it suddenly got cold here - we went from high 20s into 30s and then we went down to 7-10.  I'm excited because I love cooler weather!

Because it has been colder in the mornings, it has taken me longer to get out of bed, and so I'm looking for time savers.  I'm also doing Me Made May - so I have to wear something I made or altered 5 days every week.

Pants - City Chic
T-shirt - me made
Cardi - Target
Sandles - The Iconic
Scarf - from Thailand

These pants are becoming my favs.  I should have bought 2 pairs.  They don't need ironing and are really comfy. 

By the end of the day I had taken off the cardi and the scarf because it got hot again.  I put them back on for the photos...
So glad to be back - I'll have to check out next week's theme.


  1. i love the pants! they remind me of the jumpsuit bottoms that are out at CC at the moment!!

    1. They are great pants - I had a look on CC recently for something similar but they didn't really have them.