Monday, May 12, 2014

Me Made May - week 2

Monday - 5th


Leggings - Me made
Dress - Capture
Cardi - Big W
Boots - Williams I think

Tuesday - 6th

T-shirt - Me made
Pants - City Chic
Cardi - Big W
Scarf - Thailand
Shoes - The Iconic

Wednesday - 7th

Leggings - Me made
Shirt - Big W

Thursday - 8th

Shirt - Capture
Jeans - Crossroads
Boots - I don't know
Necklace - Diva?

I'm including this because I would not have been able to wear this shirt unless I had sewn up the gaps between the buttons.

Sunday - 11th

Another t-shirt that I made, wore it with PJs for most of Sunday.  Check out my blue tips.

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