Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ugly Betty's Boss's Mother is the "Boss"

Perhaps a confusing title I know but I have been watching Ugly Betty this week. David and I have been trying to figure out who the boss's mother was and this afternoon I had an 'uhah!' moment. She's from "Who's the Boss?" I love that show - it used to be on TV1 in the mornings but they stopped that late last year.

I'm sure I watched every episode when it was on orginally - Tony was a hottie.

Severely tired tonight - C was snoring heaps last night- should've moved to the couch. I put up some wool, fabric and dolls on ebay this afternoon.

Almost to the hump day of the term.

Who called my mobile twice yesterday?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sad in the head

I'm sitting here - tired and sleepy (double synonyms - must find the technical word for that again) but I can't go to bed because I am downloading the last file of Waterboys again - because we found out just towards the end of actually watching it - that the last file was not whole. This usually wound't present a problemt - I would jsut let it go, leave my system on and sleep the night away. Tonight I can't because there is a planned power outage in the wee hours that might scumm up my computer - and also will shut down the servers at school. If I had none about the outages I would have turned the server off over night because our UPS that I purchased for the school servers haven't arrived yet :(

I'm a little zocked because it has been all work around here lately - I haven't been able to get to the post office for days so Lisa's present won't even get to her by the end of the week even if I post it tommorrow - which I doubt I will be able to... Instead Tomorrow she well get a phone call and a promise to send her pressy asap. This makes me feel crumby as I have had her present ready to go since the holidays.

Oh shit - my download just finished - Yes! Time to sleeppppppppp............. z Z z

Monday, February 05, 2007

Finding love in all the wrong places


Pretty much says it all really. I wonder if they would let a person sell their 'love' on ebay? They didn't let that guy sell his soul...

Watching "It Started With A Kiss" again, partly because I'm saving my download limit and partly because I'm a sad individual. Joe Cheng is a very good looking bloke though. C will always be my number 1 though!

This week I totally forgot that my senior classes won't be at school - YES!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Air obics

Who needs the gym when you have to hang out washing in winds so strong that clothes get ripped out of your hands. Just trying to keep the clothesline still and keeping the pegs from flying away is enough of a work out.

Flickr is down so no wedding photos for you...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pullip Overload

Photos are taken:

I really like this photo of Shinku

MNU! All that is cuteness are in these shoes

Another close up

Dodgy shot of the the full doll - I need to learn how to take photos other then macro and scenery!






Take a break from Rozen Maidens...

I won the 'lovers' from an Aussie Ebayer. If I ever see a Pullip on Ebay that is Australian - It is really hard to resist not purchasing them. Anyway - I put in a bid for Sage (whom I call Saji) and won and then I thought that he would be lonely without his girlfriend and put in a bid for Nina (whom I call Nini... Can I see a pattern here? Nono?). So I ended up with both.

So cute - he is blushing and he wears hair clips...


These are two outfits that I have finished. I might sell one of them.


Lub lub lub this

It's the weekend - my camera is working again, and I have some photographs to take. But before that I wanted to show this from Molly Chicken. Look for the cup wall hanging!!!

molly chicken

We all now how I love to give personalities to inanimate objects - the simple fact that I can talk to a coke can or a pencil makes me either creative or deranged. But putting faces on things just suits me to a tea - that is why I like mypapercrane and some of the japanese cute things. At the moment I have two sets of wooden draws infront of me that a smiling so cutely.


Talk about cute Japanese things. This was from My Litle Mochi where she has some other links about it as well:


But I had better go and take pics while the light is ok