Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wish List?

New filofaxes!

I'm loving the new to me colours of the A5 Saffiano. Pear and Aquamarine...

Such lovely colours.

Also check out these A5 Dominos - turquoise, pine spots and aubergine spots.

Holy cow - it looks like they finally realised that A5 users deserved some more fun colours!

What else have I been eyeing off?

The Travalo Perfume Atomiser - look at all the colours!

So these are little spray bottles that you load up with your perfume so that you can travel without worrying about breaking your bottles of perfumes. The bonus is that filling them is really easy - not messy at all.

And the last two things on my list are two new colours from Gelicious.

Devine Vines looks amazing - perfect for me. I wish they would bring out a grass green and an emerald.

Surfing at Straddy looks like a great pinky neutral.

So that's it - an expensive wish list for a lady just about to go on leave at half pay though... Oh well.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Yesterday my beautiful big white cat, Chihiro, passed away.

I found her laying at the front door where she napped.  She looked like she was sleeping and I didn't realise she had died until my friend tapped her.

We often called her 'dead cat' because she was always partially deaf and would sleep so deeply that it sometimes would take a few goes to wake her up. When she did she would make a little chip sound.

This time though she really was.

She was such a lovely cat. She snuggled and kissed. She would climb onto our bed at night time and cuddle up. Whenever I went to the toilet she would lay at my feet and wait for pets.  When we watched TV she would jump up on my chest and rub her face over mine and tuck her head under my chin.  She would rub herself all over my husband's feet, roll on her back and let him rub her tummy.

During the night she would either sleep at the foot of our bed, but usually she slept in the bedroom doorway, so I would have to step over her during the night when I have to go to the toilet.

Last night it broke my heart to realise she wasn't there anymore.

Every morning she would wait in the bath for me to run a little water for her to drink.  If you took your time she would have a fussy fit and stamp her feet.

Sometimes Squish would join her but since the bathroom was her room he tended to stay out.

Squish is confused about what has happened.  He has been going back to where she died to try and find her.  This morning he waited in the bath for her to come, refusing to drink and looking towards the door as if she was going to run in.

During the night he jumped up in the bed for extra cuddles.

I stayed home today, and Squish has been with me for most of it.  

We got her as a kitten in May 2004. She was a rascal.  She had a stuffed snoopy toy - I always felt guilty that I threw it away went it got too dirty and bedraggled.  She used to chew on cords - especially through expensive headphone cables.  She used to wake me up during the night by squeezing inbetween the headboard and the wall, then she was swat at me through the decorative holes - smacking me in the head.

She was actually a him - the vet didn't even realise until we had her desexed - mid operation!  All her bits had been tucked up inside her.

Lately she had arthritis and struggled to jump.  We had been talking about putting in some steps so she could climb up in the bed easily.

She still liked to play, especially hide and seek.  She would come out of hiding and pat you playfully, then she would run away expecting you to chase her.  Then she would hide again. We only played it four days ago, but I accidentally stepped on her feet twice.  She was dirty with me and hid for a few hours, but then she came out and forgave me by giving me a rub and a purr.

She usually used her scratching post, she would play with the ball on a string as well.  But if she wanted my attention she would climb up on the arm of our couch and scratch.  

Two days ago she came up and bit me without any warning at all, but that was about as naughty as she got.  

I wish I had taken more photos of her over the holidays, she was so cute and loved me being home.  I had been promising that in a little while I would be home full time, with a baby as well.

She liked this pregnancy business, it meant I would take more afternoon naps so she could snuggle up to me and lay in the air conditioning.  Within minutes of me turning the air con on she would appear.  She also liked when I had all day 'morning' sickness because then it was one big all day nap for her.

I'm grateful that I had been able to spend   so much time with her in the last fortnight.  

I loved her very much and she loved me. I'll miss her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

School holidays

I've been on school holidays and I just haven't felt like I have rested at all.  

I'm either moving furniture or sorting through stuff, cleaning or doing school work.  All these things of course need to be done but...

This afternoon was a little better because I was actually sorting through my yarn!  Putting together all the same colours and rebagging lots.  I really do have a lot of yarn.

I did sort out the yarn I need for my faux daughter's blanket that I want to make for her for Christmas.  It will probably be a late present though!

It will match her room well especially once I sort out a nice zigzag or chevron pattern.

The other blanket I am working on at the moment is for my own baby.

I wanted to see how they looked this morning.  I'm not even half way there but at least with a baby's blanket it's not too big.  Even though I have soooo much yarn - I still don't have a match for the yellow from the varigated yarn :( the rest are close enough that in photos I don't think you can really tell that they don't match perfectly.

I might have a sit down and get started on the next diamond!

Saturday, April 04, 2015

On holidays at last

This term has been full on. Work has really amped up this year, I've applied for a promotion, getting stuff ready for my leave, heaps of baby appointments.

Although school holidays started yesterday, I actually needed to go into work twice...

Today, I'm not doing anything.  Not even getting out of PJs.

I made some ice cream in my new ice cream maker - OMG YUM!

Squish really likes it - but he can't have a lot.

I'm hoping to get stuck in on my baby's blanket.

Here's hoping I get some more lazy days.