Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wish List?

New filofaxes!

I'm loving the new to me colours of the A5 Saffiano. Pear and Aquamarine...

Such lovely colours.

Also check out these A5 Dominos - turquoise, pine spots and aubergine spots.

Holy cow - it looks like they finally realised that A5 users deserved some more fun colours!

What else have I been eyeing off?

The Travalo Perfume Atomiser - look at all the colours!

So these are little spray bottles that you load up with your perfume so that you can travel without worrying about breaking your bottles of perfumes. The bonus is that filling them is really easy - not messy at all.

And the last two things on my list are two new colours from Gelicious.

Devine Vines looks amazing - perfect for me. I wish they would bring out a grass green and an emerald.

Surfing at Straddy looks like a great pinky neutral.

So that's it - an expensive wish list for a lady just about to go on leave at half pay though... Oh well.

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