Tuesday, April 14, 2015

School holidays

I've been on school holidays and I just haven't felt like I have rested at all.  

I'm either moving furniture or sorting through stuff, cleaning or doing school work.  All these things of course need to be done but...

This afternoon was a little better because I was actually sorting through my yarn!  Putting together all the same colours and rebagging lots.  I really do have a lot of yarn.

I did sort out the yarn I need for my faux daughter's blanket that I want to make for her for Christmas.  It will probably be a late present though!

It will match her room well especially once I sort out a nice zigzag or chevron pattern.

The other blanket I am working on at the moment is for my own baby.

I wanted to see how they looked this morning.  I'm not even half way there but at least with a baby's blanket it's not too big.  Even though I have soooo much yarn - I still don't have a match for the yellow from the varigated yarn :( the rest are close enough that in photos I don't think you can really tell that they don't match perfectly.

I might have a sit down and get started on the next diamond!

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