Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 - a new start?

I dropped this blog a few years ago because it was like my 'private' journal and I shared school related opinions. But I want to keep all my blog at one place - and I haven't used my live journal one for ages. So anywhooo - I've deleted all the school related posts I could find - anyones that are there are probably positive anyway :) I feel all invigorated and stuff now that I'm back here.

Anyhooo, I'll start moving posts from my other blogs to here shortly.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Aussie Curves - Shorts

Christmas Day - what a day! My husband and I spent it with friends.

Tomorrow we are traveling to my parents' - 10 hr drive away.

Anyways - shorts. I wear shorts quite a bit. It's too hot to always wear jeans and pants. Yesterday it got to 39'C, so there was a water fight.

Shorts - Crossroads
T-shirt - Mink Denim
Shoes - Rubi Shoes
Badge - Typo

I bought the badge for my husband who is a bit of a Grinch. He refused to wear it. I've changed my mind - totally a Grinch!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Basic Steps

So you know how I bought a step but a I figured that I would be able to find some exercise dvds or youtube vids that would get me moving but wasn't full of complicated moves. I've been proven wrong. I've tried Kathy Smith - but I get lost. In fact I did her thing morning and by the second combo I didn't get what she was doing. I've tried two Fit for Duty vids - but in one the instructor does something strange and they both did some stretchy things at the start which I don't like. There is one more that I'm going to try tomorrow. To be honest - I'm even thinking about going non-English. Jennifer Hößler has a warm-up vid on youtube that looks pretty good. I might even learn some German - I think that's what she is speaking.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Aussie curves - Bling

I wear a bit of sparkle everyday. My collection of costume jewelry is actually getting a bit out of hand.

So I wasn't trying very hard and because I'm still traveling around I have a limited wardrobe - Sorry.

Bubble necklace from EBay
T-shirt from Target, Moda
Jeans from Myer, Bellecurve

My husband has joined me now, so I'm stealing his laptop for a little :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Aussie Curves - Pattern Mixing

I started out this week knowing what outfit I wanted to share - but I ended up with 3 pattern mixes so I had plenty to choose from.

I'm on holiday at the moment - living it up in the city! So when I packed I did it with a very limited color palate - I usually pick a colour and throw outfits in that suit that colour scheme with a few good necklaces that would match.

This time I went with black, white and grey.

This was planned outfit to share and is what I wore last night to the Blondie concert - which was pretty awesome.

Top - Made by me
Jeans - Autograph
Necklace - Bardot
Boots - Soles

The rest are bonus outfits and not part of the challenge because the were accidental!

I found this awesome vest coverall thing in sale at Myer; Mink Denim. The leopard jeans are Autograpg and the top was made by me.

And finally check out these jeans! I spent too much $ at Myers this week - but I did get my new little black dress! The top is from Big W - Avella - and the necklace was made by me. The jeans are Bellacurve.

Sorry all my photos are at the bottom and scrambled up - I'm working from my iPhone and iPad.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Killed me

So to shake up my routine for the next few days I decided to take on some hard cardio. I went with Jillian Michaels (who else would it have been?) 'Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism.' Holy crap it killed. 50 odd minutes of torture. I didn't make it all the way through every exercise. Tomorrow I will do better. If I do this for the next few days I won't feel so bad because I'll be on holidays and in a hotel room again, eating every single yummy thing that I see. I'll be taking 'Walk Away the Pounds' with me for some gentle action.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Aussie Curves - Orange

I rarely wear this skirt. I used to find it just too much and couldn't work out what to wear with it. But then I watched an episode of 'What Not to Wear' years ago that talked about wearing different shades/hues of the same colour. But still, this outfit is really loud.

I feel all Bollywood in it actually.

Check out my Bollywood moves:

Do be jealous of my dance skills - they were just something I was born with.

Sandals - Ko Shoes
Necklace - Made by me
Top - Sara
Skirt - Way Pi - I got it from one of those random clothing stores that have all 
the hippy dresses and cheongsams.

Boots, Bling and Book

It was one of those ho-hum days at work. Got lots done. My friend and I have been put into the same office for next year - although we do work, we do gossip/complain a bit though.

But I knew that I had to leave work earlier than usual because I wanted to walk down to the post office today.  I walk everywhere even though it is so HOT HOT HOT!!! And lucky me - I got parcels. Even luckier me I met up with another friend who offered me a lift home. I luff her so much right now because there would have been no way for me to have taken all my stuff home.

What I was hoping for were these:

But I also got these:

And these:

And this:

 Click on the pics to go where I bought them from.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Weekend round up

Current temperature - 31.2C' - at 8:40pm!!!

My house is a sweat box.

This is a photo of me battle a phone app that doesn't do what it says it should - take multiple photos - in a room that has no air-conditioning.  So I'm not amused.  However I wanted to celebrate our awesome evening tonight.  We performed 'Oh Holy Night' at Carols by Candlelight - I had never heard of it before until last week - oh well. We did it justice I reckon.

Our outfit was of course the little black dress.

Dress - Autograph - it's a few years old now so I probably need to update
Shoes - Colorado - I walked there so I wanted something extra comfy
Necklace - I have no idea - it was a present from my step-mother-in-law

Last night was our staff Christmas break-up party. There were a few tears as quite of number of teachers are leaving use this year. Had quite a few Malibu and Diet Cokes though to make up for it :o)

I decided on Saturday morning - that's yesterday - that I wanted to wear something new.  So I went to my cupboard and pulled out this fabric that I have been hoarding, cut it up and made a top and a skirt. Put it together, wear a belt and I've got a dress.  I love the top by itself so I can't wait to wear it with skinny jeans.

I also got to have my first lesson in fine jewellery making yesterday. Our friend is a national award winning jeweler so I'm in good hands.

Anyways,,, after a busy weekend I'm so tired. So I might go to bed early,,, maybe.

Saturday, December 01, 2012


As you know as per my previous post of Black Milk - I lust after their stuff - especially their galaxy leggings. Which would never fit me.

I saw these this week on Domino Doll:

Click on the pics to open the links.

I don't know how I feel about this. They are called Galaxy Leggings as well. Part of me goes - oh yeah - leggings that might actually fit me, but then I think,,, hold on,,, poor Black Milk has been copied. Then I remembered that I wanted to copy them as well.  Anyhows enough of that seriousness.

I did another search for fabric that would work and wow!!!

It's the same fabric!!!

Which led me back to look at the baby doll dress Domino Doll has in the same print, which I love, but which I won't wear because of the long sleeves being too hot and the fact that it wouldn't fit well anyway. I showed the husband and he was like 'You should buy the fabric and make it'. So I took his word for gospel and bought the fabric as well as this awesome print...

When I was younger I loved splatter prints. I still do, so I'm glad they've made a bit of a comeback.

All up the cost of the galaxy fabric including postage would have cost me the same for both items, but I can make sure that they will fit me, and I hopefully would have a little left over for maybe a top.  But as we know, sewing isn't about saving money sometimes, most of the time it's about being able to say, 'Thanks, I made it' and blow people's minds.

It's December? Seriously???

I don't know how that happened. One day it's January and the next it's December. What happened to the year?

At the start of the year I was all gung ho get fit.  I loved feeling fit and that my body was changing. I was full of energy and loving life.

Towards the end the year I was sick and sore. I felt unhappy that I kept missing out on exercise, which made me feel even worse.

Now I don't feel I exercise enough, so I've put on weight. I'm back to walking off the pounds and enjoying it, still Zumba'ing every time there is a lesson although this week killed my sides, I also like using dumbbells so my arms are looking better and better.

During my holiday break I want to pick it up a notch again. I will be traveling around a lot so I don't know what I'll do but I hope to doing something daily.

Yesterday I did this:

I had thought that I was doing okay with my arms lately but this one pushed me again.  I even went down a weight size!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aussie Curves - Dark

Although I wear a lot of dark - this week seems like I have had no opportunity.  So busy... so hot... 42'C is not fun weather to wear dark. I've been moving furniture into my new office, running after kids, dancing and dancing, walking down to the shire hall two days in a row for practises...

Tonight our school can take a deep breath - a first in over a few weeks - because we are now on the down hill slide until HOLIDAYS!!!

We had recital night tonight and my class of year 7 and 8 students got up and performed to Tyler Swift, Cher whatsherface and Gangnam Style. We had a few compliments after they were finished and I am so proud of them. Next week we are going to have a sleepover at school,,, so we'll see if this pride will last that long :-P

Next up, Friday's Christmas Fete for which my husband is baking cakes for as we speak. Saturday, Staff Christmas break-up. Sunday, Carols by Candlelight in which I will be performing with three other music/al teachers. So a few more chances to dress up!

Skirt - Rockmans - years ago

Top - Suzanne Grae - even longer ago

Necklace - gift from mother-in-law

Shoes - Tulula Valu - I love the name Talula!  
Tulula not so much - I didn't even know that until I just googled it!!!

 So yes, let's agree that I'm not all that keen about the photos still. 
At least you can see the bun of gargantuan proportions.

Laser beams on stun!!!

I wish I could have tucked the top in - but the zipper doesn't do up. Shhh!

Oh yeah, while my hair is up and my glasses are on... 'sexy librarian look' LOL!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seat of my skirt sewing

Last night I decided that I wanted to sew.  I had already cut this skirt out a few weeks ago so I figured I would just sit down and sew. It took me just under 2 hours because I ran into a few problems --- like ---

  • Finding out that I had chopped  the zipper I had planned to use up for a previous project. 
  • Finding a new zipper to use. 
  • Finding out that my zipper foot had gone missing, searched the sewing room mess, was almost about to use a normal foot (OMG!) when I saw a glint of metal shining from under my sewing machine. 
  • Danced a dance of joy that I had found my zipper foot. 
  • Had to search for some bias binding, ransacked for fabric cupboard only to remember that I had put them in the second draw,,, right beside where I sew so that I could find them easily...
  • Almost finished... run out of bobbin thread.
Not too bad.

This pattern is Vogue 8603. I traced the pattern ages ago and made two skirts from it, but a few weeks ago I re-traced it and combined the panel pattern pieces to make the seams into darts instead. Does that even make sense?

Anyway - wore it today and realized that I have to really take it in because I've lost a weight since I last made this pattern.

Also wanted to share how I 'baste' in my zippers. I use applique pins!!!

Note the fabric,,,  made me a floral pencil skirt. ASOS - $59.95. Me - maybe $15. Not including the time taken to make it because it was fun. Much like shopping is fun and you never include the amount per hour to the price of clothing that it took to find it, try it on and buy it...

Top - Avella from Big W
Skirt - Me
Necklace - leaves - Diva? It's from a long time ago
Sandals - Ko Fashion

Look - another cat bomb!

Monday, November 19, 2012


Photographic proof I did exercise! My black cat hangs around while I workout and during stretching joins me - demanding attention of course.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another week down the drain

I can't believe it - it's like the universe is against me at the moment.  This week I've had some serious sore knee issues.  For a few days I had to ice me knee.  So, starting to walk again today.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Bit of Pinterest browsing today between tracing off patterns and marking assignments.

  Nasty Girl - Jeweled Crop Knit for $48

 I love this - maybe because I just want to buy lots of plastic jewels!

She Inside - Blue Apricot Striped Long Sleeve Lapel Blouse for $32.80

The cute little collar with a matching sleeve cuff. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Aussie Curves - Pastel

So I joined Aussie Curves this week and this week's theme is Pastel. I've got to tell you - I got rid of most of the pastel in my wardrobe a while ago. I'm such a naturally messy person, teamed with my job (kids, paint, food, glue) and that the water out here can sometimes stain, my lighter clothes ended up with spots all over them. I don't even think I own a white shirt anymore and isn't that a staple?

Anywhoooo, I went through my wardrobe on a hunt for pastel, and my options were pretty limited or work inappropriate.

Presenting my 'pastel' outfit,,,

Dress - Capture (Ezibuy)
Belt - City Chic
Necklace - Dream Diva I think
Sandals - Ruby Shoes

I didn't really want to use this photo because you can see our shoe tubs and my a shelf of random stuff and the fact that I'm a bit blurry - I'm not even looking at the camera. But then again, look at my cat Squish! How could I not? Cat photobombing.

I got heaps of complements for this outfit - this dress usually does, but my husband hates it - it reminds him of 'old women'. My mum actually gave it to me. But the next day I went back to colour with green 3/4 jegging and a bright printed top, and a coworker stopped me with a wave of her arms asking 'You went back to colour?'

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to make dressing professionally,,, fun?

Bad habits

Does anyone else stay up until midnight looking at out of print patterns on Ebay?

Did I mention that yesterday I got a kind of promotion that will take place next year?

Does that mean I have to start jazzing up my wardrobe? A little less casual?

I bought some bubble necklaces off ebay to celebrate. I think every fashion blogger that I read has got at least one.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Talk of t-shirts

So the other day I ordered the pink t-shirt fabric that I mentioned back in the leopard top post.  I so love that top still! But!!! I forgot to order the leopard print :( doh! I'll have to check out her shop this weekend.

But anyway - I have more than enough of the pink for a second top, I also got a black and white stripe too.  I'm always wary of horizontal stripes - seriously with as large a frontage as I have I really do have to be carefull. So I went and looked for stripey tops that aren't all stripes...

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel t shirt (see more stripe t shirts)
Verdict: This is a little too cute:
Price: $107.28 $53.64 (50% off)

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel t shirt

Verdict: The stripes, the gathering - 'HEELLLLLOOO ladies!' Cries my boobs to everyone that cares to look in my direction.
Price: $110.26 I think

Marc by Marc Jacobs t shirt

Verdict:  This is more like it - included the right colours, but far too much ease for me
Price: $28US
Tokyo Fashion t shirt

Verdict: Even better - still a little loose but I like it
Price: $19.80

Maymaylu Dreams t shirt
T shirt (see more stripe tees)
Verdict: I really do like this - but could it work without the print?
Price: $29

T shirt

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Oh my!

Still feeling sick - have an awful cough and still feeling it in the bones and muscles. 

But enough was enough - today after crawling back into bed for a bit of extra sleep in (today is a holiday in our town) I decided I really had to do something. 

I weighed myself recently and I had gained back 2kg already.  Plus clothes that I was considering giving away now fit better because I have put the fat back on.

So I started from the beginning again and did a Walk Away the Pounds 1 mile walk. Yes it was easy - I couldn't use the dumbbells though. So I'll need to keep on at it.

Did I mention that my birthday was yesterday?

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Essential Ts

Getting in a little sewing this weekend.

Remembering that I needed more casual clothes that could work both as PJs and exercise stuff, I dug out my TNT pattern from Ottobre Issue 2/06, Obviously it's been worked over - a full bust adjustment, removing excess from my shoulder back, adding length.

I made up two t-shirts using a dark grey marle and a steel blue. Both are cotton lyrca/spandex mixes and were lovey to sew. The marle was from an ebay seller I can't find anymore so I'm glad I got metres of it. The seller made a mistake, an instead of sending me both a skin colour lot and a grey colour lot she send me 6m of grey - but it's lovely and soft. The steel blue is slightly thicker and I got it from Joelle.

I'm trying to move my neutral colour from black to grey. It's actually hard to find a lot of grey clothing but grey fabric pops up on ebay fairly often.

This time around I added 3 cm to the short sleeve and attached a band so I wouldn't have to do a proper hem. I sew this on the Renfrew top. Works so well.

I also added an extra 2cm to the hem so that I could fold the hem up 4cm and do a extra wide hem. This makes sewing easier and added a bit of weight.

Instead of making a dart, I instead eased in the extra fabric to make a little bit of gathering - this is easy, comfortable and makes room for my boobs. I got this tip from Eugenia's Fabulous World of Fashion. Admittedly it looks a little funny, but once it's on my husband says it looks great. For the steel blue top I took a little off the side of the dart area because I felt there was too much.

I also used my pinking shears almost everywhere - normally I would have just left it straight but I thought why not?

Whenever I sew t-shirts my husband is so amazed that they look like shop bought ones but fit so much better. 

Next up? I really want to make my yellow skirt or finish up my magenta maxi skirt.

Thursday, November 01, 2012


My week of no excuses turned into a week of having a cold. Everyone at work is sick too. Luckily tomorrow is the last day of the week - yay for weekends, and then Monday is my birthday and Tuesday is a town holiday :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

So all over this!

So I've just had a play around with creating my own Tabata style video :)

Hopefully this upload will work but this makes it pretty easy for me to workout.

Week 30

What's Motivating Me This Week?
My manly muscles - if only I could rid of the flappy arms

What's Bugging Me This Week?
The flappy arms

What's Puzzling Me This Week?
Why can't I stick to the routine? I make excuses for myself in the morning like,,, 'I've had a bad night's sleep' or 'I just did Zumba last night so I don't really need to workout this morning.' So I've planned two rest days after Zumba nights and not giving myself excuses otherwise. Last week I only ended up doing the Zumba classes - grrr.

What's Encouraging Me This Week? 
Tabata? I tried 'The world's fastest workout video' although I didn't do the first exercise properly - I did my it without the push up and the jump. The problem is that you can't really tell when to stop and start with this video if your concentrating on the exercise.

What's the Plan?