Friday, November 09, 2012

Talk of t-shirts

So the other day I ordered the pink t-shirt fabric that I mentioned back in the leopard top post.  I so love that top still! But!!! I forgot to order the leopard print :( doh! I'll have to check out her shop this weekend.

But anyway - I have more than enough of the pink for a second top, I also got a black and white stripe too.  I'm always wary of horizontal stripes - seriously with as large a frontage as I have I really do have to be carefull. So I went and looked for stripey tops that aren't all stripes...

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel t shirt (see more stripe t shirts)
Verdict: This is a little too cute:
Price: $107.28 $53.64 (50% off)

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel t shirt

Verdict: The stripes, the gathering - 'HEELLLLLOOO ladies!' Cries my boobs to everyone that cares to look in my direction.
Price: $110.26 I think

Marc by Marc Jacobs t shirt

Verdict:  This is more like it - included the right colours, but far too much ease for me
Price: $28US
Tokyo Fashion t shirt

Verdict: Even better - still a little loose but I like it
Price: $19.80

Maymaylu Dreams t shirt
T shirt (see more stripe tees)
Verdict: I really do like this - but could it work without the print?
Price: $29

T shirt

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