Sunday, November 04, 2012

Essential Ts

Getting in a little sewing this weekend.

Remembering that I needed more casual clothes that could work both as PJs and exercise stuff, I dug out my TNT pattern from Ottobre Issue 2/06, Obviously it's been worked over - a full bust adjustment, removing excess from my shoulder back, adding length.

I made up two t-shirts using a dark grey marle and a steel blue. Both are cotton lyrca/spandex mixes and were lovey to sew. The marle was from an ebay seller I can't find anymore so I'm glad I got metres of it. The seller made a mistake, an instead of sending me both a skin colour lot and a grey colour lot she send me 6m of grey - but it's lovely and soft. The steel blue is slightly thicker and I got it from Joelle.

I'm trying to move my neutral colour from black to grey. It's actually hard to find a lot of grey clothing but grey fabric pops up on ebay fairly often.

This time around I added 3 cm to the short sleeve and attached a band so I wouldn't have to do a proper hem. I sew this on the Renfrew top. Works so well.

I also added an extra 2cm to the hem so that I could fold the hem up 4cm and do a extra wide hem. This makes sewing easier and added a bit of weight.

Instead of making a dart, I instead eased in the extra fabric to make a little bit of gathering - this is easy, comfortable and makes room for my boobs. I got this tip from Eugenia's Fabulous World of Fashion. Admittedly it looks a little funny, but once it's on my husband says it looks great. For the steel blue top I took a little off the side of the dart area because I felt there was too much.

I also used my pinking shears almost everywhere - normally I would have just left it straight but I thought why not?

Whenever I sew t-shirts my husband is so amazed that they look like shop bought ones but fit so much better. 

Next up? I really want to make my yellow skirt or finish up my magenta maxi skirt.

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