Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seat of my skirt sewing

Last night I decided that I wanted to sew.  I had already cut this skirt out a few weeks ago so I figured I would just sit down and sew. It took me just under 2 hours because I ran into a few problems --- like ---

  • Finding out that I had chopped  the zipper I had planned to use up for a previous project. 
  • Finding a new zipper to use. 
  • Finding out that my zipper foot had gone missing, searched the sewing room mess, was almost about to use a normal foot (OMG!) when I saw a glint of metal shining from under my sewing machine. 
  • Danced a dance of joy that I had found my zipper foot. 
  • Had to search for some bias binding, ransacked for fabric cupboard only to remember that I had put them in the second draw,,, right beside where I sew so that I could find them easily...
  • Almost finished... run out of bobbin thread.
Not too bad.

This pattern is Vogue 8603. I traced the pattern ages ago and made two skirts from it, but a few weeks ago I re-traced it and combined the panel pattern pieces to make the seams into darts instead. Does that even make sense?

Anyway - wore it today and realized that I have to really take it in because I've lost a weight since I last made this pattern.

Also wanted to share how I 'baste' in my zippers. I use applique pins!!!

Note the fabric,,,  made me a floral pencil skirt. ASOS - $59.95. Me - maybe $15. Not including the time taken to make it because it was fun. Much like shopping is fun and you never include the amount per hour to the price of clothing that it took to find it, try it on and buy it...

Top - Avella from Big W
Skirt - Me
Necklace - leaves - Diva? It's from a long time ago
Sandals - Ko Fashion

Look - another cat bomb!

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