Monday, April 30, 2007

I do own a camera

Okay here is the new and improved (how can something be "new" and "improved" because if it is new then therefore it isn't old, which the word improved indicates because somthing cannot be impoved upon if there wasn't a previous/old one) Morris.


This is the completed outfit for my stall, I have another one cut out and ready to sew.


And I have just sold these for $70 on ebay.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sew fantastic

I have been sewing like a demon this weekend, I have just finished a size 4 girl's outfit, it's sew cute...

Last night I hand sewed some of a jacket. I have already finished one jacket but it is a little too big for the dolls. I'll look at work tonight, but I have to sort some clothes, hang some clothes, wash some clothes today as well.

I figured out how we can have a shower without the pond forming. If we leave the plug in and then bucket the water to the sink, just like in water restrictions, to the sink we can have a dry room and no pongy damp towel smell.

So I ordered a Blythe, a Candy Carnival whom has bight blue hair - which was of course the deciding factor. I'm getting her from Robio, which is in Melbourne and she is already on her way to me. So happy! In the next few weeks I will get two new dolls, the Blythe which I will be calling Flairy Foss (due to my habbit of spoonerisms) and my Suigintou to finish off the Rozen Maiden dolls that I want to collect. Still thinking about the doll's house for the Rozen Maiden dolls. I'm pretty happy with my Pullip collection, there isn't really another one which I really want at the moment - just waiting for Lead to be released as I have already paid for him.

I worked out that I need about $800 to get Yder. So from now on the stall money is going towards him.

Okay, going to go and hang up some clothing and start another outfit.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Just got back from judging the CWA knitting and crochet competition for this year. I got a CWA spoon. I got my jstarr wigs on Thursday - very exciting. The wigs we pretty good, but didn't suit the dolls I actually bought them for, so a few dolls got an instant change of personality as I swapped wigs around. Photos to come.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I was feeling a little fragile this morning after Caillee's b'day party. It was a great party, I:
- saw a lot of my old students
- got lots of hugs
- drank a far bit,,, too much
- got complements on my hair
- met some new people
- learnt a lot of gossip
- may have said I will play squash next season

The party got crashed by a bus load of backpakers who tried to drink the free beer. How rude is that?

Anyway, woke up at 6:30 and got ready for my stall. C so didn't want me to go, but I stuck it out and made a pretty decent amount. I didn't think there were many people at the markets, and I didn't think I had sold alot, but almost a hundreds worth. Yeah for me, dolly money!

Elsa (from pottery) was there and she bought the little girl's dress I had made, she said that I would make a killing if I made more children's clothes. And here I thought it wouldn't sell. So I will make up a few more outfits for next month.

I think of my craft stall as the selling off of my excess hobby end-products. Just think what my house would be like if I didn't sell it, I would have no room. I buy the stuff anyway, I make the stuff anyway, I might as well sell it and consider it all profit.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Got my hair cut and coloured today, but I missed the namu ebay auction I was watching.

My hair after walking home from the hairdressers in the wind.

It's dark brown all over, with a violet chunk in the front. A pink streak is hidden underneath as well. In the sun the violet really looks pink though. Hope my principal doesn't mind because I haven't put any strange colours in my hair since he has been here.

I also finished everything (except for the float) for my stall this Sunday, I actually have quite a few things - I only ever go if I have 20 things to sell.

Now I can go back and concentrate on school again. Caillee's birthday party in on Saturday - she's my hairdresser - and she is turning 21,,, makes me feel so old that one of MY students is turing 21!

I wanted to share this link: I so want to fly Hello Kitty style.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thought I lost my cat Chihiro today. Tim who is a past students and is a second year electician's apprentice came to our house to put in new smoke alarms. Tim's gf is Casey who looks after Chihiro on the holidays so Tim often helps out. Anyway, we knew she was in the house so locked her in the bedroom. But when i went to check on her - I couldn't find her! I searched that room 3 times, then went outside countless times, I reacon I was searching for about an hour before she appears out of nowhere wondering what all the fuss was about.

My Kstarr wigs are ready to ship! Yeah!

been watching youtube videos...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Comments on things

- The internet is slow it takes forever to load pages
- The wind is really strong today, I just went out after washing my hear to hang up washing and when I came back in my hair was dry. I also have sore arms from battling the wind to get things up on the line, I also have a sore head because the clothes line was swinging so hard it hit my head.
- Some idiot flamed me yesterday on my BLOG for the ICT course I am doing. How stupid can you be flaming someone on a course about the use of computers for professionalism.
- Couldn't do much easter crafts because we had surprise guests, and then went to their house for a BBQ
- At the BBQ we watched a car drive crazily up to the neighbours. It dropped off a man, who was obviously drunk. That drunk man then went in a harrassed the people he was staying with, and then hopped into his little work truck and began to rev his engines. He was doing this the night before as well. Then he started to drive up to the house, and pull the handbreak on just before hitting the wall. He did that for a while, and the then drove out on the streets before driving around the town like a loon. We swear he almost crashed a few times. But while doing this he tried to run over the people who he was staying with as they ran towards us on the varandah. It was all quite scary, Micheal rang the local police man and kept him up with the street names the guy was driving on, while the police were organising backup.
-They finally arressed him after he drove back into their yard, after he had run into a tree though.
-watched two new Dr Who episodes last night.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

how excitement

For a while now, I have wanted a Pullip sized supermarket (and a kitchen, and a bedroom etc). I have been collecting bits and peices and eying off stuff, I was even trying to figure out how to make a shopping trolley.

Low and behold - I found an ebay auction with a heap of barbie stuff including a tolley! Some of the other peices are really good to, just needs a coat of paint. But I thought I missed it this morning because we went to the markets and shopping, I just checked to see how much it went for - and amazingly I had 34secs left to bid. I did, and I won.

I also bought an egg cup for my mum at one of the stall. I'll get some Easter crafting done today for a shoot this afternoon.

C is cooking brunch.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ch ch ch changes

Got buzy yesterday. Built a new storage shelf all by myself except for one thing. I was having a ball hammering the bits in and working out how to big to make the spaces. We already have a few of these types of shelves in my workroom.


I took a lot of stuff off my desk and moved it into the new shelves

Speaking of desk:

It's a bit chockers at the moment, I have finished 18 jewellry peices for my stall next weekend.

I found this at Searles this morning. Looks like fun! I'll play with it after I do some school work.


And here is the latest addition to the Taeyang gang, last night he told me his name is Cue. I don't know why, but it getting towards midnight when he told me so I just exepted it. We'll see is he keep that name after his new wig, and eventually eye chip swap.


His gf is a Licca, I was trying to figure out who she was exactly because I was told she was from McDonalds and the dress she is wearing is her original. BTW, I don't realy think they are going steady, just a big brother little sister thing. Notice the Moe Pinky:St creeping into the photo. I really must take some photos of them.

Just checking out whether this works - we will be making a rap in home ec about eating beakfast:

powered by ODEO

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Holiday, make you feel alright

Yeah it's now the holidays! I took the Wii to school today, so twelve kids, Damo, Liana and I enjoyed the morning. Then went over the pub and ate yummy food.

-Heard some possibly great news about a member of staff
-Heard some really sad news about a member of staff
-Heard some awful singing

I'm trying to find the origami sushi set for next term in Japanese. I'm going to lay down on the couch and feel pleased about myself now.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Much better today

See, I told you I would be nicer today. Actually I feel like eating a cheese jaffle - only a few hours left of school. Hmm, I'm also going to put a blackhead plaster on... I'm trying to avoid the lounge room because a scarey movie is on and I'm not much in the mood for one.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Red Letter Day

It has been a great day for mail! At school, my printing presses and all my art supplies came and after school, the post office had more exciting stuff:


Gwen Stefani tickets
Tiger wire, crimps and headpins for my stall
My new Timulus

Had Choir today, just to prove that Damo and I still suck at music. Why do composers make the lower vocal parts so complicated? It's so hard to make monotone parts sound interested. Just been reading the comments on this:
people get worked up over the most dumbest things - the comments, in some cases arguements, are over people they have probably never met,,, but hey look at me getting worked up over something just as stupid as they were.