Friday, April 13, 2007


Got my hair cut and coloured today, but I missed the namu ebay auction I was watching.

My hair after walking home from the hairdressers in the wind.

It's dark brown all over, with a violet chunk in the front. A pink streak is hidden underneath as well. In the sun the violet really looks pink though. Hope my principal doesn't mind because I haven't put any strange colours in my hair since he has been here.

I also finished everything (except for the float) for my stall this Sunday, I actually have quite a few things - I only ever go if I have 20 things to sell.

Now I can go back and concentrate on school again. Caillee's birthday party in on Saturday - she's my hairdresser - and she is turning 21,,, makes me feel so old that one of MY students is turing 21!

I wanted to share this link: I so want to fly Hello Kitty style.

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