Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Comments on things

- The internet is slow it takes forever to load pages
- The wind is really strong today, I just went out after washing my hear to hang up washing and when I came back in my hair was dry. I also have sore arms from battling the wind to get things up on the line, I also have a sore head because the clothes line was swinging so hard it hit my head.
- Some idiot flamed me yesterday on my BLOG for the ICT course I am doing. How stupid can you be flaming someone on a course about the use of computers for professionalism.
- Couldn't do much easter crafts because we had surprise guests, and then went to their house for a BBQ
- At the BBQ we watched a car drive crazily up to the neighbours. It dropped off a man, who was obviously drunk. That drunk man then went in a harrassed the people he was staying with, and then hopped into his little work truck and began to rev his engines. He was doing this the night before as well. Then he started to drive up to the house, and pull the handbreak on just before hitting the wall. He did that for a while, and the then drove out on the streets before driving around the town like a loon. We swear he almost crashed a few times. But while doing this he tried to run over the people who he was staying with as they ran towards us on the varandah. It was all quite scary, Micheal rang the local police man and kept him up with the street names the guy was driving on, while the police were organising backup.
-They finally arressed him after he drove back into their yard, after he had run into a tree though.
-watched two new Dr Who episodes last night.

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