Sunday, April 15, 2007


I was feeling a little fragile this morning after Caillee's b'day party. It was a great party, I:
- saw a lot of my old students
- got lots of hugs
- drank a far bit,,, too much
- got complements on my hair
- met some new people
- learnt a lot of gossip
- may have said I will play squash next season

The party got crashed by a bus load of backpakers who tried to drink the free beer. How rude is that?

Anyway, woke up at 6:30 and got ready for my stall. C so didn't want me to go, but I stuck it out and made a pretty decent amount. I didn't think there were many people at the markets, and I didn't think I had sold alot, but almost a hundreds worth. Yeah for me, dolly money!

Elsa (from pottery) was there and she bought the little girl's dress I had made, she said that I would make a killing if I made more children's clothes. And here I thought it wouldn't sell. So I will make up a few more outfits for next month.

I think of my craft stall as the selling off of my excess hobby end-products. Just think what my house would be like if I didn't sell it, I would have no room. I buy the stuff anyway, I make the stuff anyway, I might as well sell it and consider it all profit.

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