Thursday, December 13, 2007

Killer (Shane) Miller died on Monday. His funeral is on Friday, 10am at Saint Pat's Church.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I waxed my legs this morning - apparently a packet is 'Sufficient strips for the depilations of both half legs + underarms + bikini line'. I didn't even get half legs finished!!! Reusable strips!!! Only if you are lucky.

So my legs are now 70% hair less from the knees down - oh well. It worked better then the hair removal cream that never works on my legs - however on underarms it's okay.

C got me this awesome program called 'hott notes' it is a free small program that lets you put sticky notes on your desktop. I like it a lot -

Monday, December 10, 2007


I just found this fanlisting for Chobits - I love chobits!

I signed up - but I'm not quite sure what to do now - I guess I'll wait for an email :) But I might share two old pics:



They are some of the first macro shots I took and you can really tell :(

Dolling around

Took a heap of photos this morning - see flickr.

Migifdoll has now got a proper name - it was going to be Hail - but then I came across the Bi - it means rain in Korean - and it suits him!!!

I have been writing again - it comes and goes - but I really need to write a romance novel because I'm sick of reading badly written ones and thinking I could do better. I have two already started and I switch between them. Anyone who knows me wouldn't be surprised by this admittance.

But I have lived with the characters of both stories for so long in me head - they say the key to good writing is having realistic characters - I feel sad that I will eventually have to share them with the rest of the world.

To help me do this - I have trawling doll sites to see if I can find photos of dolls that look somewhat like the characters:

The guy here: is Haytham (a genie). It is so much like him that I really want to buy him. I'm off to stare at my bank account.

Monday, December 03, 2007


We are in the middle of a dust storm right now - I just went out in it to take some clothes off the line. But it doesn't matter because our house is filled with dust. I can feel it in my teeth - ewww.

Wait: I think C has just started vacuuming the air in the lounge room :X

Sunday, December 02, 2007

roll 7

Roll 7 of the wedding photos

Roll 6

Roll 6 of the wedding photos:

I have almost finished report cards!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Killing time

Today was such a lazy day - I talked to Tanya this morning via facebook messages, I had to do some washing and I'll do some more tomorrow. Tomorrow I will also have to clean my areas of the house and finished those looming report cards.

I painted Hail's face today (I think I'll call him Hail) but I don't like the lower lashes but I got sick of doing them over and over again. I'll try again with paint later.


I'm calling him Hail because I like rain and everything that has to do with rain. I don't realise how much I miss it but when we were at Erin's (Hi Erin!) at the start of the week it rained every night. Out here the closest I get to regular rain is my CD of a thunderstorm. I listen to it at night when I can't sleep.

Anyway - There is another doll called rain, another called storm and another called hailstorm. But Hail has kind of stuck. I really like the name Monsoon - but I decided that it's a girl's name - which I would make with a Miho head and a female fdoll body some time next year. Big plans,,,

Although I still wouldn't mind a DZ Ying before Christmas so I could get a bunny free. But my doll wish list stands at:

1. Miho head and fdoll body
2. DZ Ying
3. Curo bunny or DZ bunny - in white to be called Silverbell and in tan to be called Hopsy
4. A dollmore model doll - but who???
5. Momoko doll
6. Mimo - this one is cute
7. Another Licca doll to keep the one I have company

Please note there are no Blythes, Taeyangs or Pullips on my list - must say no!!! Must enjoy the ones I have! Beside there are not many new releases that I like.

Sorry about the Doll spam - knee news - I have this injury and will be seeing another doctor about it on the 15 of Jan.

Roll 5 of the wedding photos:

Friday, November 30, 2007

roll four again

I'm going to go and watch some tv now - planning things to do do tomorrow...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Roll 6 of the wedding photos
Roll 6

Presents have arrived

It's Monday and the postman came well and truely. C came in with two packages - which was pretty exciting. You will have to excuse the poor lighting.

I got some of the evilbay clothes and new bento stuff:


I can't wait to boil some eggs up and try them out.

But then C surprised me and said there were more in the car! Yipee!
I opened up the smallest of them - because I wanted to find out which Pullip arrived:


And then finally:

I orignally made him another pair of pants but they didn't fit, luckily I had cut these ones out so I quickly sewed him some pants.

Friday, November 09, 2007

2nd hand goodness

This week - inspired to make doll clothing - I bought as good as new clothing off evilbay.
- A gray top with sculls and starts printed on it
- A gray top with red apples printed on it
- A red top
- A pink top with gold print on it
I'm still looking for masculine stuff though, it's so hard unless you go the camo look.

I was also looking at this Kyle but C has banned me from buying it. I would love to with my tax return, although I don't like the colour of his eyes.

Today one of my students brought in a b'day cake for me - after a serious of mishaps that meant she couldn't bring one in earlier in the week. She only has 2 weeks of school and I have taught her for 5 years now, I'll be crying when she leaves.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I just got the tracking numbers for both the doll and the head today - they were sent yesterday! I wonder which will get here first?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


We have ants in our bathroom, they try to nest in our towels. I have only been bitten twice so far but they are amusing because they climb into our bath at night and then I wash them down the drain in the morning - dumb ants.

However last night after C had a shower and dried off with a fresh towel - he started to complain about being pricked and bitten. Sure enough he was covered in ant bits - even his peepee got munched on - Time to go ants!

Oh - my Birthday was good - had a great day at school - but got no doll mail.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dollmore loving

I think that I'm a pretty picky doll person.

I originally fell in love with Yder - and although I still like him I haven't seen many homemade photos of him that I like (but he's my no 1 for when I want to do a Hitsugaya from Bleach. His eyes are so large and after pondering this I realised that I'm all for realistic looking bjd dolls.

I really liked Ryu (before I even knew anything about migidoll) so he was just someone that I needed to have. I know I will love him and in every photo I have seen so far he looks amazing.

But I'm all for the 'bang for the buck' - bigger is always better. So for future future plans I have been looking at 70cm dolls - and stumbled upon Dollmore's model dolls. Oh My Gosh! I just can't decide over Uri, Huey and Haneol - at the moment they are in that order.

I was looking at dollzone but those three boys - aghm men - have blown me away.

However Mars from Buddydolls is also in the running.

I live a sad existance.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Street fashion scans

We went to our town's tiny St Vinnies store today. I bought quite a few cute clothes - all of which are to be cut up for doll's outfits. I'll take a pics soon:


st vinnies haul 6

st vinnies haul 2

Found a link to a journal devoted to scans of magazines about street style fashion from Japan:

For my nail polish fetish... puiyunail's flickr:

Yuiinc's photos of her bjds are amazing and she is an inspirational sewer.

A top I made for my incoming migi/fdoll

sd set pin
Roll 1 of the wedding photos:

Roll 2 of the wedding photos:

Roll 3 of the wedding photos:

Friday, November 02, 2007


My prac teacher finished today - she passed easily - which was good. I have been on youtube looking up "It Started With A Kiss" stuff (with subs), I'm not sure if the second season has aired or not - so I will have a lookie for it soon.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

And charles though we had a problem with Chihiro and our earphones...

funny rabbit pictures & lolcats - Fixted yuor speekurz.. Is all good nao

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Year 12 verification over for another year

Verification stresses me out. It's Education Queensland's idea of a halloween trick - there is no treat about it what so ever.

But 'tis okay - its over for another year - I think.

For those of you not in the know - basically you send your student's work away and a panel decides whether or not they agree with:
a) your assessment tasks difficulty
b) your assessment tasks range
c) your marking of the tasks
d) your overall positioning of the student upon the 50 point scale (yes fifty - not 5 (A,B,C,D,E nor 15 A+,A,A- ETC)
e) anything else they are not happy with such as ticking the criteria sheet rather then underlining or crossing, what colour pen you use when you correct work, or sometimes whether your assessment task questions are in dot point rather then in paragraphs!

It doesn't help that you can send in the exact same assessment tasks year in year out and they finally find something wrong with it!

But anyway - I've done my job - I didn't do too badly most of the students stayed where I put them. I just don't get paid enough for the stress they put us through though.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Migi doll is mine

For my birthday my mum, dad and brother bought me a migidoll head - ryu.

I just bought a fdoll body for it and hope it will match. If not, oh well, I'll make turtle necks and a scarf for him!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Windy and Dusty

That's the weather for today. I'm still sratching sand out of my eyes after bringing the washing in. Also have sore arms from holding the clothes line in place. Did you know that clothes are just like kites but without strings. It's not fun chasing them around the place.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Have had an upset tummy this morning - not good - will go and have a shower.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lovely Complex

Have I told you anything about Lovely Complex - it's my favourite manga (even better then Kare First Love and Parfait Tic) I have watched the movie quite a number of times and now I am looking for the anime. Downloaded chapter 30 of the manga last night.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Meetings and Greetings

I met Teru this afternoon. He seems very nice, and can speak English well. We will have tea at the pub tonight so that will be nice - still a bit nervous though...

Tomorrow I am on a plane to Brisbane to see the Gwen Concert.

On Monday I am hoping to be able to join the potters and learn how to glaze.

So Yeah - pretty busy still - when will it stop?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sick again

Was sick again today. I had to go in this morning because my senior home ec class was having their cooking exam, but I vomited during that lesson anyway. I took the rest of the day off.

Had some good news anyway - I was accepted in the 'all expenses paid' conference in the Gold Coast. Woo hoo, Gregg is also sending me on the teaching indigenous students course as well.

Organising myself for the gwen concert.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


lolcats make me happy - - is one of my favourite sites.

So I just did this test:

My result was that I am the "can I has cheezburger cat!

back from the dead

Wow - have I been busy.
-got my ICT license in and passed
-nominated as an online facilitator for next year
-applied to a middle phase conference
-went away on holidays - need to get photos off the camera
-sang at the Queensland Music Festival Our photo on their website was from the night before. I will be getting the video of the performances and youtubing them
-froze to death - it's too cold out here.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I cat believe how hard it is raining atm. Who knew? So all of my clothes are wet or still dirty.

My ICT course has finished, now I have to wait to seee whether i passed it or no - was very stressed on Friday because things were not going right with it at all. Sorry mum.

Hav been writing my repord cards - so far I have written 3000 words and I am not finished yet.

That makes my total counted word count for this fortnight 9000 words, so I am guessinng 10 000 words in total.

My fingers and my brain is sore.

Yesterday for a break I took Charles to the squash courts for a run around.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Got it nailed

I love nail polish and nail art. I don't take photos of my nails very often though. The other night I won two nail polishes - but just as I was about to pay for them I realised that the ebay seller was selling heaps of good brand polish for about $2! 13 bottles later and I'm done.

I can only buy cheapo nail polish out here that peals off after a day and never dries (Can you belive that nail polish doesn't dry out here in what is usually a very hot dry place?) and whenever we are near a Price Attack or Big W I buy up on nail polish as well - but I always seem to buy the same colours like bronze. So I bought a variety of colours as well as some normal ones. I even got a glitter....

Glitter nail polish is the handiest nail polish to buy because if you make a mistake or you mark the polish just before it dries, just go over it in glitter because it will hide it. I have 3 different types of glitter polish but am always on the hunt for more.

I was looking into doing the nail technicial cert III - because I can do most of it (theory) via correspondence and then do a few weeks at the actual school for the practical. I could possibly do it next year because I will have long service due. It wouldn't be very helpful out here in Winton because two other people do nails, including a friend of mine, so I wouldn't want to start more competition - but I don't plan on living in Winton all my life.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Had a pretty great time at the show last night, I went on the two rides (yes only two rides - but different from the last three years!) 6 times. My students get so excited - but I'm usually the only adult on them.

I played darts and the clowns. Won a penguin, a tucan, a fish, a teddybear and C won a woppie cushion. I ate a dagwood dog, and I will have another for lunch (once I get a bit of work down) and bought flairy foss, lots of lollies including honeycomb (which I will send to mum BEFORE it gets eaten) and got a new hat for school.

At the moment I am looking at Rnjetta's ribbon collection. C would have conniptions if he saw me looking at them.

It is too cold from my siamese fighting fish - one died last night. Sorry to leave you on that sad note.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


My great-grandmother's house, who I called Gran, is for sale again. She died 8 years ago, so seeing her house for sale brings tears to the eye. I wish I had the money...

This is the concert that we have been practising for in Choir. We are the opeoing act for the Queensland Music Festival.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Well just played squash, I managed to get some points. But why oh why was I put on line six? I really need to sort out my serve and hitting on the full. Plus I was really nervous, I'll try not to be next week.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nailed it

I just finished my nails, a french tip with a pink flower rhinestones. Aw that's so preddy. I start playing squash tomorrow on the sixth line, not the seventh (bottom) line.

Tomorrow is one of my best days at school. Yeah for me! We will be moving into a new room at the end of the term because the high school staff room has been condemned. I am moving with them because atm I live by myself in the science lab. The Aboriginal co-ordinator will be moving into my old room, and the old staffroom will be turned into a storege space for all of us high school eacher to keep units and old tests etc.

Agh - I can't believe Alice just won Australian Next Top Model she's a fish faced, emotionless pit. The whole show she sat there looking like she swallowed a lemon! And the fact that their excuse to not select Steph was that she was too young - well, why did they allow 16 year olds to enter if that was going to be the case? Go Steph! Go out there and make more money then that whiny excuse ridden excuse of a model. However I know that Alice is 'the look' for Paris and runway so she will do well, but I feel so bad for Steph!

Friday, June 01, 2007


I just played some squash, it's been a long time since I played much squash but I'm going to be playing this season's fixtures. Today was just to work out what grade I will be playing, they put me against Rusco and he said that we were evenly matched. I don't know what level he is on though but he likes to hit really fast so if I have to play him again I'm just going to keep the ball slow and just make him run. I think I will be on the bottom rung - my serve wasn't as good and I couldn't hit open face full shots - but everything else was okay - just have to practise those things again.

I got my first item back from Monika for the ICT course that I am doing - 2000 words later - but Monika didn't write an evaluation form because there was nothing she felt she could say to improve it. YEAH!

Another great this is that our school won two awards for our education in the early years and middle phase. Which is pretty fantastic, I'm obviously excited about the middle phase since that is where I have been working.

abc news item about it

Even more great news for school is that we have also won a grant to purchase 20 new computers!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Dad and I have been talking about Flickr lately, and that we had both reached the 200 photos mark, Dad's solution was to sign mum up for her own account, but today I went the whole hog and just paid for the pro package for a year. Heh, what money for but to spend?

Talking about money, no more spending for me. I actually have another doll on the way, so no more ebay or sale sections because I'm pretty much happy with what I have got. And what am I going to do with more? It's not like I play with them, I just like making clothes for them and photographing them. I want C to bring his work camera home because it takes better macro shots them mine does. Our camera is quite a few years old now, so I might by a new one with the tax return.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Was sick yesterday

Wasn't feeling crash hot today either, but Charles bought me back a lovely surprise from the post office:


They are just lovely, but is Lead's fringe meant to be like that?

Monday, May 07, 2007

what matters

It has been great to have three days off in a row. I finished a skirt for my stall today, looked over my school work as well. Finsihed the new outfit for the new doll. I have to figure out a better way to sew the cardi pattern, I will be altering it as well. I like the look of it, but it could be better.

C has been cooking today, he made pizza for lunch, and he also made mars bar slice. He has gone all domestic on me.


Thursday, May 03, 2007


I sent my plates off today. But I got back the miniatures I ordered, she also gave me a free gift. I also won some Japanese bowls - I didn't think I would get them because I just bid and went to school, I didn't even think about it! But no blythe yet...

Going to make some clothes for her.

Monday, April 30, 2007

I do own a camera

Okay here is the new and improved (how can something be "new" and "improved" because if it is new then therefore it isn't old, which the word improved indicates because somthing cannot be impoved upon if there wasn't a previous/old one) Morris.


This is the completed outfit for my stall, I have another one cut out and ready to sew.


And I have just sold these for $70 on ebay.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sew fantastic

I have been sewing like a demon this weekend, I have just finished a size 4 girl's outfit, it's sew cute...

Last night I hand sewed some of a jacket. I have already finished one jacket but it is a little too big for the dolls. I'll look at work tonight, but I have to sort some clothes, hang some clothes, wash some clothes today as well.

I figured out how we can have a shower without the pond forming. If we leave the plug in and then bucket the water to the sink, just like in water restrictions, to the sink we can have a dry room and no pongy damp towel smell.

So I ordered a Blythe, a Candy Carnival whom has bight blue hair - which was of course the deciding factor. I'm getting her from Robio, which is in Melbourne and she is already on her way to me. So happy! In the next few weeks I will get two new dolls, the Blythe which I will be calling Flairy Foss (due to my habbit of spoonerisms) and my Suigintou to finish off the Rozen Maiden dolls that I want to collect. Still thinking about the doll's house for the Rozen Maiden dolls. I'm pretty happy with my Pullip collection, there isn't really another one which I really want at the moment - just waiting for Lead to be released as I have already paid for him.

I worked out that I need about $800 to get Yder. So from now on the stall money is going towards him.

Okay, going to go and hang up some clothing and start another outfit.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Just got back from judging the CWA knitting and crochet competition for this year. I got a CWA spoon. I got my jstarr wigs on Thursday - very exciting. The wigs we pretty good, but didn't suit the dolls I actually bought them for, so a few dolls got an instant change of personality as I swapped wigs around. Photos to come.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I was feeling a little fragile this morning after Caillee's b'day party. It was a great party, I:
- saw a lot of my old students
- got lots of hugs
- drank a far bit,,, too much
- got complements on my hair
- met some new people
- learnt a lot of gossip
- may have said I will play squash next season

The party got crashed by a bus load of backpakers who tried to drink the free beer. How rude is that?

Anyway, woke up at 6:30 and got ready for my stall. C so didn't want me to go, but I stuck it out and made a pretty decent amount. I didn't think there were many people at the markets, and I didn't think I had sold alot, but almost a hundreds worth. Yeah for me, dolly money!

Elsa (from pottery) was there and she bought the little girl's dress I had made, she said that I would make a killing if I made more children's clothes. And here I thought it wouldn't sell. So I will make up a few more outfits for next month.

I think of my craft stall as the selling off of my excess hobby end-products. Just think what my house would be like if I didn't sell it, I would have no room. I buy the stuff anyway, I make the stuff anyway, I might as well sell it and consider it all profit.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Got my hair cut and coloured today, but I missed the namu ebay auction I was watching.

My hair after walking home from the hairdressers in the wind.

It's dark brown all over, with a violet chunk in the front. A pink streak is hidden underneath as well. In the sun the violet really looks pink though. Hope my principal doesn't mind because I haven't put any strange colours in my hair since he has been here.

I also finished everything (except for the float) for my stall this Sunday, I actually have quite a few things - I only ever go if I have 20 things to sell.

Now I can go back and concentrate on school again. Caillee's birthday party in on Saturday - she's my hairdresser - and she is turning 21,,, makes me feel so old that one of MY students is turing 21!

I wanted to share this link: I so want to fly Hello Kitty style.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thought I lost my cat Chihiro today. Tim who is a past students and is a second year electician's apprentice came to our house to put in new smoke alarms. Tim's gf is Casey who looks after Chihiro on the holidays so Tim often helps out. Anyway, we knew she was in the house so locked her in the bedroom. But when i went to check on her - I couldn't find her! I searched that room 3 times, then went outside countless times, I reacon I was searching for about an hour before she appears out of nowhere wondering what all the fuss was about.

My Kstarr wigs are ready to ship! Yeah!

been watching youtube videos...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Comments on things

- The internet is slow it takes forever to load pages
- The wind is really strong today, I just went out after washing my hear to hang up washing and when I came back in my hair was dry. I also have sore arms from battling the wind to get things up on the line, I also have a sore head because the clothes line was swinging so hard it hit my head.
- Some idiot flamed me yesterday on my BLOG for the ICT course I am doing. How stupid can you be flaming someone on a course about the use of computers for professionalism.
- Couldn't do much easter crafts because we had surprise guests, and then went to their house for a BBQ
- At the BBQ we watched a car drive crazily up to the neighbours. It dropped off a man, who was obviously drunk. That drunk man then went in a harrassed the people he was staying with, and then hopped into his little work truck and began to rev his engines. He was doing this the night before as well. Then he started to drive up to the house, and pull the handbreak on just before hitting the wall. He did that for a while, and the then drove out on the streets before driving around the town like a loon. We swear he almost crashed a few times. But while doing this he tried to run over the people who he was staying with as they ran towards us on the varandah. It was all quite scary, Micheal rang the local police man and kept him up with the street names the guy was driving on, while the police were organising backup.
-They finally arressed him after he drove back into their yard, after he had run into a tree though.
-watched two new Dr Who episodes last night.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

how excitement

For a while now, I have wanted a Pullip sized supermarket (and a kitchen, and a bedroom etc). I have been collecting bits and peices and eying off stuff, I was even trying to figure out how to make a shopping trolley.

Low and behold - I found an ebay auction with a heap of barbie stuff including a tolley! Some of the other peices are really good to, just needs a coat of paint. But I thought I missed it this morning because we went to the markets and shopping, I just checked to see how much it went for - and amazingly I had 34secs left to bid. I did, and I won.

I also bought an egg cup for my mum at one of the stall. I'll get some Easter crafting done today for a shoot this afternoon.

C is cooking brunch.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ch ch ch changes

Got buzy yesterday. Built a new storage shelf all by myself except for one thing. I was having a ball hammering the bits in and working out how to big to make the spaces. We already have a few of these types of shelves in my workroom.


I took a lot of stuff off my desk and moved it into the new shelves

Speaking of desk:

It's a bit chockers at the moment, I have finished 18 jewellry peices for my stall next weekend.

I found this at Searles this morning. Looks like fun! I'll play with it after I do some school work.


And here is the latest addition to the Taeyang gang, last night he told me his name is Cue. I don't know why, but it getting towards midnight when he told me so I just exepted it. We'll see is he keep that name after his new wig, and eventually eye chip swap.


His gf is a Licca, I was trying to figure out who she was exactly because I was told she was from McDonalds and the dress she is wearing is her original. BTW, I don't realy think they are going steady, just a big brother little sister thing. Notice the Moe Pinky:St creeping into the photo. I really must take some photos of them.

Just checking out whether this works - we will be making a rap in home ec about eating beakfast:

powered by ODEO

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Holiday, make you feel alright

Yeah it's now the holidays! I took the Wii to school today, so twelve kids, Damo, Liana and I enjoyed the morning. Then went over the pub and ate yummy food.

-Heard some possibly great news about a member of staff
-Heard some really sad news about a member of staff
-Heard some awful singing

I'm trying to find the origami sushi set for next term in Japanese. I'm going to lay down on the couch and feel pleased about myself now.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Much better today

See, I told you I would be nicer today. Actually I feel like eating a cheese jaffle - only a few hours left of school. Hmm, I'm also going to put a blackhead plaster on... I'm trying to avoid the lounge room because a scarey movie is on and I'm not much in the mood for one.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Red Letter Day

It has been a great day for mail! At school, my printing presses and all my art supplies came and after school, the post office had more exciting stuff:


Gwen Stefani tickets
Tiger wire, crimps and headpins for my stall
My new Timulus

Had Choir today, just to prove that Damo and I still suck at music. Why do composers make the lower vocal parts so complicated? It's so hard to make monotone parts sound interested. Just been reading the comments on this:
people get worked up over the most dumbest things - the comments, in some cases arguements, are over people they have probably never met,,, but hey look at me getting worked up over something just as stupid as they were.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yesterday went really well, I got a lot done not just on paper but in my head as well. I kept working until 7 when C gave me pizza. I even went to bed pretty early thinking that I was tired from all the work but I ended up with a pretty sleepless night. I had some good thoughts however most of it was just worrying.

The saying goes, "worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, they both get you nowhere". I'm sure that's right but why do they still sell rocking chairs then?

My tickets haven't gotten here yet, nor has my new Timulus, nor has the fabric I orderd for school :(

I just changed the water for my betas, they're so pretty. Okay - must get back to work.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Old faces

Today was my TRS day, I spent it reading my... readings. I have started writing my context in ICT use, which maps out my history of ICT use personally and professionaly. Which got me thinking about bushmoo. I looked up jay ruddell on google and found this... is jay really a pilot? It does look like him:



Such a povo OP and he still manages to get a good job...

And can I just say that there are too many Pamela Colletts out there? Just look it up on Google... it makes me feel less like an individual. Yes the Pamela Collett clones will take over the world, we will hunt you down and... i don't have the imagination to finish that. Must get back to my ICT context.

EDIT::: C just gave me a link to a lego animation:::

And I found a link to Komala's blog - I used to visit her and Pamela ( a lot.

I got sick of seeing the URLs pushed over into the info section, hence the stars.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What (a) weekend?

It's been a busy weekend. We got home at about 2:30 and so for an hour we have been cleaning up. I've just finished with my craft room, I actually want to take some photos of it - just to help me remember what it looks like before it gets covered in bugs again...

I'll be tracing off patterns tonight - so I plan to put something into the DVD and while away the hours.

Good news on the ICT course front, the weekend course went really well and I have affirmed some of my previous plans.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

lets try this again

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing with my life? I wondered this just before as I sat here trawling the Internet for places that sell show ribbons (that have their prices on the Internet anyway) for a fundraising event that will drive me crazy, all for a week in Redcliff with a bunch of kids, and I don't even know if I am going with them anyway. I felt this way because I visited JamFancy and remembered that she has her own doll range punctuating that fact with a very cute ad that I keep watching. Some girls have all the luck.

Tomorrow the tickets go on sale - I will try tomorrow morning first up.

I also want to point out that someday - one day - I will have a lovley looking space like these:

I chewed off a fingernail this afternoon, and I haven't got half the things I wanted to do done yet... why won't blogger let me publish this page!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I am very swamped at the moment. We only have three weeks left of school, with all the assessment that comes of that, my ICT course, pottery last weekend, a conference this weekend, a stall that I have to start sewing more in a few weeks time... it goes on and I won't bore you any more.

Cool things in the last 7 days have been:
- Gregg saying that next year I can start teaching Art to the senior students
- organising the Gwen concert - Lisa says she want to come to
- my Japanese craft books arrived
- purchasing another Timulus from an Aussie
- producing pottery stuff was so much fun

Things I am looking forward to:
- Easter Holidays
- the belief that next week will be great
- sitting down and sewing something nice
- getting my kstarr wigs

Monday, March 12, 2007

I stayed up and watched Anego last night, so I was super tired today. Monday is a great day for me though because I get heaps of ICT work done. Anyway - had a nana nap this afternoon - but I missed choir.

Gwen Stefani is coming to Brisbane - just not in the school holidays - like a week or so after it - Ugh... C says that I should save up and take a few rais days and go anyway. That would be awesome but I'm too scared to do that... I could probably stay with someone though which would cut down on costs.

I'm going to eat some steak tonight - we haven't eat red meat in a while - so I may be lacking iron but at least C won't get gout.

My finger nails are looking nice and artificial today - with white tips and glitter all over them. I was asked several times today if my nails were fake - :P

Friday, March 02, 2007


I'm stuffed, actually I am fcuked. Just got home after helping at the canteen for the football, it finished at about 8:20. So if I round off, it has been a twelve hour work day. This week has gone quick, but it was still tiring.

C had his birthday yesterday. He is now offically old - 27 - that's almost 30... by the time I'm 27 though, I promise I won't think it's old. Never to old to play with dolls anyway

My wool is selling on ebay. This morning I bought two japanese books, one for children's clothing the other for doll's clothing. But I'm going to save up for something good.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ugly Betty's Boss's Mother is the "Boss"

Perhaps a confusing title I know but I have been watching Ugly Betty this week. David and I have been trying to figure out who the boss's mother was and this afternoon I had an 'uhah!' moment. She's from "Who's the Boss?" I love that show - it used to be on TV1 in the mornings but they stopped that late last year.

I'm sure I watched every episode when it was on orginally - Tony was a hottie.

Severely tired tonight - C was snoring heaps last night- should've moved to the couch. I put up some wool, fabric and dolls on ebay this afternoon.

Almost to the hump day of the term.

Who called my mobile twice yesterday?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sad in the head

I'm sitting here - tired and sleepy (double synonyms - must find the technical word for that again) but I can't go to bed because I am downloading the last file of Waterboys again - because we found out just towards the end of actually watching it - that the last file was not whole. This usually wound't present a problemt - I would jsut let it go, leave my system on and sleep the night away. Tonight I can't because there is a planned power outage in the wee hours that might scumm up my computer - and also will shut down the servers at school. If I had none about the outages I would have turned the server off over night because our UPS that I purchased for the school servers haven't arrived yet :(

I'm a little zocked because it has been all work around here lately - I haven't been able to get to the post office for days so Lisa's present won't even get to her by the end of the week even if I post it tommorrow - which I doubt I will be able to... Instead Tomorrow she well get a phone call and a promise to send her pressy asap. This makes me feel crumby as I have had her present ready to go since the holidays.

Oh shit - my download just finished - Yes! Time to sleeppppppppp............. z Z z

Monday, February 05, 2007

Finding love in all the wrong places


Pretty much says it all really. I wonder if they would let a person sell their 'love' on ebay? They didn't let that guy sell his soul...

Watching "It Started With A Kiss" again, partly because I'm saving my download limit and partly because I'm a sad individual. Joe Cheng is a very good looking bloke though. C will always be my number 1 though!

This week I totally forgot that my senior classes won't be at school - YES!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Air obics

Who needs the gym when you have to hang out washing in winds so strong that clothes get ripped out of your hands. Just trying to keep the clothesline still and keeping the pegs from flying away is enough of a work out.

Flickr is down so no wedding photos for you...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pullip Overload

Photos are taken:

I really like this photo of Shinku

MNU! All that is cuteness are in these shoes

Another close up

Dodgy shot of the the full doll - I need to learn how to take photos other then macro and scenery!






Take a break from Rozen Maidens...

I won the 'lovers' from an Aussie Ebayer. If I ever see a Pullip on Ebay that is Australian - It is really hard to resist not purchasing them. Anyway - I put in a bid for Sage (whom I call Saji) and won and then I thought that he would be lonely without his girlfriend and put in a bid for Nina (whom I call Nini... Can I see a pattern here? Nono?). So I ended up with both.

So cute - he is blushing and he wears hair clips...


These are two outfits that I have finished. I might sell one of them.


Lub lub lub this

It's the weekend - my camera is working again, and I have some photographs to take. But before that I wanted to show this from Molly Chicken. Look for the cup wall hanging!!!

molly chicken

We all now how I love to give personalities to inanimate objects - the simple fact that I can talk to a coke can or a pencil makes me either creative or deranged. But putting faces on things just suits me to a tea - that is why I like mypapercrane and some of the japanese cute things. At the moment I have two sets of wooden draws infront of me that a smiling so cutely.


Talk about cute Japanese things. This was from My Litle Mochi where she has some other links about it as well:


But I had better go and take pics while the light is ok

Monday, January 29, 2007

Some good - some bad

Today went pretty well - I like my classes so far - tomorrow won't be as great though :(

I just finished Smiling Pasta - altough the turtle thing started to get on my nerves I thought it was a good drama. The guy wasn't as cute as Ken Chu though - but only Joe Cheng could rival Ken. I'm so sad in the head I know.

My Rozen Maiden Pullips got here today - but my camera it's working so I have to take photos at another time. They look great and I am happy that I got them even though they were pretty expensive. I rue the American Dollar.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lovely Complex

Oh how much do I love this manga (stoptazmo)??? Ga Suki Desu!

And I finally downloaded the movie (daddicts somewhere) and watched it - so cute!

So today I have done a fair bit of cleaning, read some manga, watched a movie, and am about to go to school I guess to get some work.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Work of sorts

Well - it looks like I might have some buyers for my shoes... Yeah! Today I refined the t-shirt pattern for the boy Pullips. Ruth will be sending me Nina and Sage tomorrow - so hopefully I will get them on Monday!!! Still haven't told C yet - but that's okay - it is my money.

The new high school teacher, Troy, got back to me about the units, but I have to resend one of the them - must do that after I finish writing this entry.

I have slowly gotten my craftroom back into shape - calling it my studio would be to pompous.

Okay - must go and send that unit.

Woah Girl...

Sometimes I get a thing in my head and I can't stop thinking about it. Lately it has been Pullips - but dolls have been it for a while. Which reminds me - My Pinky:St has melted a little and leans forward!!! It's Mai too so a rare Pinky at that!

Anyway - I have bought two Rozen Maiden dolls (which is very exciting) with my share of the wedding money. But I'm always checking out the Pullip section on Ebay, especially Aussie sellers. Last night Sage and Nina were up for auction... they are matching boyfriend and girlfriend in a school uniform.

But no one was bidding on Sage - so I snapped him up for $70 Aus. I was very happy with that - but then I started thinking about for Sage without his girlfriend and how much I would kick myself if I didn't put in a bit for Nina. So I bid $80.50 and walked away. Turns out that I won Nina as well... Man am I broke. But from Sage costs $88 US and Nina costs... Hmm she's out of stock. So I feel very lucky.

I put a heap of shoes of Ebay yesterday and I have a few watchers.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Holiday snaps? Part 1

This may prove a bit of a big post - but that's okay - right?

This post is about the extremes of my holiday actually. So the first few are ones of us driving through a fire between Herberton (my home town and where we stayed with my partents) and the next town Atherton (Where the shops are).

Driving into the smoke

Flames on the side of the road

On the way home we stopped into Cardwell for a break. We get fish and chips from the first 'fish and chips' shop coming into Cardwell from the Tully (another town) direction - it's the blue and white one just incase you go to Cardwell. Anyway the lady who owns the shop sounds like she has constant PMS - she shouts at you and tells you crazy stories - but she makes the best fried seafood.



Then when we were almost home - after 11 or so hours of driving - we came across this storm... It was pretty awesome with lightening cracking over the car, rain coming in horizontally and visability at an all time low.


A patch of blue

Some random photos - one of a frog and the other an orchid of Mum's.



So - here are some photos of the Pullip girls: