Thursday, March 22, 2007

lets try this again

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing with my life? I wondered this just before as I sat here trawling the Internet for places that sell show ribbons (that have their prices on the Internet anyway) for a fundraising event that will drive me crazy, all for a week in Redcliff with a bunch of kids, and I don't even know if I am going with them anyway. I felt this way because I visited JamFancy and remembered that she has her own doll range punctuating that fact with a very cute ad that I keep watching. Some girls have all the luck.

Tomorrow the tickets go on sale - I will try tomorrow morning first up.

I also want to point out that someday - one day - I will have a lovley looking space like these:

I chewed off a fingernail this afternoon, and I haven't got half the things I wanted to do done yet... why won't blogger let me publish this page!!!

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