Thursday, July 31, 2008


Feel sorry for me - my hands and arms look like mince meat. I was in a cat fight last night, literally.

Last night, just as I was begining to snore, there was a cat fight. I sent C out to find out what was going on, partly because it's amusing to see how Chihiro reacts to other cats.

A few minutes later, C has not been able to find OUR cat, but we did find the laundry window,,, open. Carol had obviously opened it yesterday and Chihiro found it too.

So we go outside, and see Chihiro at the corner of the house with the cat next door. C follows them and picks her up on the other side of the road.

She was okay until she saw me - this is just my own private theory mind you - and takes a bite out of C. Somehow I have her, but I'm falling down and kind of land over her and it went down hill from there.

She came in after being tempted with food, and has been ignoring me since then. The feeling is somewhat mutual at the moment because my hands really hurt.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I just caught up with the scanlation of the Nodame - so I'm all happy and chirpy! I love that manga/drama/anime!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So much to do - but very little motivation

So I have been wandering the Internet and saw a link to this:


I think I like buying the 'homemade' dolls - I would rather pay more for them then have a doll that a company churns out. So I really like Keath.

We've had a bit of bad week. At the moment quite a few of us are talking about how long we really want to be teachers for - we are honestly not being paid enough for the abuse we get from 'clients' and community. All I can say is that most of us are great teachers offering great education opportunities - and most of what we do is taken for granted or misunderstood by people who have no idea about the role school now has to play.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Three things

I did three nice things this morning. Firstly I recoloured the pink streaks in my hair. I did really well keeping the bathroom clean - up until I had to to get rid of the bottle and the alfoil - that's when I made a mess! There ended up being dye on the sink, on the floor, on the back of the door!!! Honesty I don't know anyone can make more of a mess cleaning up then I did.

I then went ahead and cut a fringe. I have been wanting a fringe for a little while now - so I just did it - it had been years since I cut my own fringe so I had a little heart attack when I made the first chop.


And then we went to the Post Office to pick up my zines that I had ordered from Shelbyville.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I don't know if this link works - but this guy is cute - his name is Arno - and it's a doll just so you know.


And this guy cracks me up:
naughty esheki
super esheki

Iguana no Musume

Ok so I don't usually review dramas that I watch - but I have to say something about this one. Let me preface this review with the acronym "PMS" and the words "highly emotional"!

This drama is about a girl, Rika, who believes that she is an Iguana, as does her mum. In fact when the mother looks at her daughter all she sees is some freaky human sized Godzilla - as does Rika when she looks in the mirror. The rest of the world sees her as human.

So one of the little hiccups I had with this was the question - how does she do her hair and make-up in the morning if all she can see of herself is lizard skinned and bald?

The second issue I had was how accepting people were about the mother's borderline crazy-as-a-coconut actions.

The third happens later in the drama, when people found out that she is an iguana. They were 'okay' with it - as if it was fact. I would be rather shocked if my best-friend suddenly said "I'm really a cane toad" and would possibly, in the nicest way, suggest therapy.

However - aside from those three things - I loved this drama. It was kooky and melodramatic. Elton John provided the theme song. So many episodes had me big snotty tissue crying. People died, the ending was sort-of happy but you need to overlook the poorly transcribed sentence about her not loving her own daughter.

Overall - I put this own down as a must watch drama.

 Iguana no Musume
Reflection of Rika!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well I'm back - I had a root canal done on my tooth - expensive and a little painful - I'm waiting for the pills to kick in right now.

So the trip to Townsville went pretty quickly - I bought an Eee PC (it's a tiny cute laptop)

Right now I'm trying to fin dmy password piece of paper - because I can't remember my password for facebook.

Friday, July 04, 2008


For weeks I have been ebay stalking some fabric - ramie linen - from a seller and I have kept missing the sale! So yesterday I finally won it - to have her email me and say she had sold out of it. Wait? You sold out of 13m of fabric? Surely you would have cut off 13m from your roll to make sure you had your ebay sale ready?

I left neutral feedback something like - Seller could not send item. Thanks for letting me know :)

Usually I pay immediately after I have won a single item but I guess I'm lucky I didn't because it would have negative feedback. Man am I too nice?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I was nominated by Bec for the Smart Classroom Teacher Awards - but I had to get my response to selection criteria in last Friday.

It was weird - the entry form was due on the 6th - we faxed it in on the 5th just to make sure. I never got the application kit - so I kept ringing up during the last week of school - no response on Monday, rang and left a message on Tuesday. They finally got back to me on Wednesday.

They gave me an extension until Monday (yesterday) because they said the hadn't received my entry form - but they didn't email my an application kit like it says the will!

So yesterday I rang and left a message in the morning, then again at lunch time - until finally at 6:06 pm the women sent me the kit!!! Considering that my extension would have been over at 5 that afternoon I thought it was all a bit rude - and still no return phone call mind you to apologize! Anyway - I sent in my application at 6:26 - and if that's not good enough then they can shove it!