Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I was nominated by Bec for the Smart Classroom Teacher Awards - but I had to get my response to selection criteria in last Friday.

It was weird - the entry form was due on the 6th - we faxed it in on the 5th just to make sure. I never got the application kit - so I kept ringing up during the last week of school - no response on Monday, rang and left a message on Tuesday. They finally got back to me on Wednesday.

They gave me an extension until Monday (yesterday) because they said the hadn't received my entry form - but they didn't email my an application kit like it says the will!

So yesterday I rang and left a message in the morning, then again at lunch time - until finally at 6:06 pm the women sent me the kit!!! Considering that my extension would have been over at 5 that afternoon I thought it was all a bit rude - and still no return phone call mind you to apologize! Anyway - I sent in my application at 6:26 - and if that's not good enough then they can shove it!

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