Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 30 & 31

Two cute weeks in a row!!!

Week 30

Week 31

Check that unicorn out!

A sweet time

Biscuits I made for a baby shower/going away lunch.

Ice cream from the Mr Whippy van that only visits town twice sometimes thrice a year.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Food preparation

For ages I have liked the idea of weekly food preparing.  I like to plan ahead - although sometimes I'm pretty lax about it.  But food preping is a whole other thing.

Basically you get containers, cut up and cook meals to put into them, refridgerate some of your containers and keep the rest in the freezer.

Most of the meals I've seen are pretty boring.  But it's similar to when we used to double our meals and keep half in the freezer, from apricot chicken to pasta sauce. So I'm going to mull this over a little more.

What I do, which a few of my friends like the idea of, is making single serves of snack foods.

Yesterday I broke up some sweet treats - dark chocolate (70%) and some honey cashews.

I break up the chocolate into pieces and then put roughly 5 into containers, this is approx 30gms.

No more eating half a block of chocolate!  Although that would be pretty full on with dark chocolate.

I then checked the label of the nuts which said each serve was 50gm.  I then put my container onto the scale and turn it on, this makes my scale ignore the weight of the container.  Then I pour in the nuts until I get to 50 - or 51 in this case.

These sit in my fridge ready for when I want a snack.  The cinnamon is for when I want to add a different flavour to the microwave popcorn single serves.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Day 68 and I am finally at the midpoint of my novel!!!

So proud of myself!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hair - part 2

After putting off dying my hair, except for bleaching the tips, for about 6 months, I finally decided to do it.

I had some funny ideas, like about just putting through a few foils of colour so that I would eventually have mostly natural coloured hair.  But seriously what was I thinking?

It's not that I am worried about my grey hairs, it's just that my natural hair colour just felt boring!

What I would really love is to prebleach my hair and go wild with colour, but I'm really nervous about ruining my hair... Even though I know that it's just hair and will grow back!

Anyway - that's an issue for another post that I'm excited about... later.


My previous foils made the change gradual between my natural colour and the old colour.


It's now too dark to take a good photo, so this will have to do, I had to edit this by the way.

I use Napro Palette Rosewood Voilet which is as close to purple that I can get easily out here. I had found a colour that was more purple online, but once I used them I forgot to record which brand it was!

I really wish someone would sort out a real blue or purple in a permanent dye.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hair - part 1

I've decided to try stuff with my hair.

While I was away I purchased the 
Curl Secret VS Sassoon after reading reviews and watching YouTube.

With a normal iron it takes me an hour to do my hair. It's too frustrating because I have so much fine hair, and although if I practised I would get quicker I just can not be bothered.

This was about half an hour of fun, didn't get angry or bored and it was easy to do.

After it is tamed into curls it doesn't like like there is much hair at all!

If I hadn't already decided to recolour my hair tomorrow these photos would have convinced me!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Gelicious - Relationship Status Update

I bought the new colours from Gelicious as well as the Ultra Matte Top Coat.

I'm really liking these nudes, I thought they might be very similar after I opened up my shipping box. As you see the labels are similar in colour - the polish actually isn't.

I went with Relationship Status Update first off.  It's a mauve gray, two coats.  Someone at work asked me where I had bought it so it must look nice!

Nice consistency to paint with, I'm pretty happy with the two coats.

One issue I have with this polish is that when I clean off the stickiness once I am finished, I often wipe away colour aswell, particularly from around the sides.  Maybe the UV isn't getting in there to set it?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aussie Curves - multicultural

Last week we celebrated NAIDOC day at out school.  It's a huge week for us full of activities and teaching moments.  We ate kangaroo tail and witchetty grubs along side roast for our big dinner.

I and friend were in charge of getting everyone a t-shirt that fit them and then they screen printed on it.  

For the primary students we used a design that I had pre-cut - I was so sick of that by the end of the week.

The high schoolers designed their own and prepared the screen, before printing.

Some of my students made me this one. The symbol represents two waterholes connected by running water, the foot prints show that the person crossed it.  

The scarf was one that I bought from Thailand. We ate a lot of curry and some awesome dishes but we didn't get to eat anything exotic. I really wish we had, because I got Thailand tummy anyway - at least I could have said it was eating something gross.  What's the grossest/exotic thing you have eaten?

I must remember to wear red next week!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Silver filofax

This my newest 'I want'.

I saw it on the American Filofax shop site, but the link doesn't work... yet

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Week 27 & 28

Week 26

Washi tape and camera stickers.  I got the stickers from Kikki K and the tape from Swanston St.

Week 27

Nice and bright!  The flowers are sticky notes that I stuck down with double sided tape and I got them when I went to Melbourne.  The shop is called Handworks and has an online store which I haven't used... Yet.

The washi tapes came from Alice2012fiona etsy shop.

So what about this week?  Yeah - no decoration.  It's the first week back at work and I have been wipe out with a persistent cold.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Original flouro orange

I bought my husband a fluoro orange original filofax that he uses for work.

He's been unhappy with the default diary and so we had a look for a page per day diary.  He ended up printing one from philofaxy.

And then I had to cut and punch the pages.

There - all done!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


I've been wanting to collage some lovely clippings from magazines for a while.

I'm pretty happy with my work.

I've punched holes in them and put them in my dark aqua original Filofax.   

I've even created a new divider to seperate them.

This is the back of the divider.  All of it was from magazine clippings.

Bonus - I had enough of this clipping to make a page marker!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Holidays at the races

I have just come back from a trip to Townsville.  I went there to watch the V8 racing and see my family.

Can you believe that I didn't edit the colours of the above photo?  Something weird happened with the colours there...

I wore the Holden fascinator that I made last year.  Lots of complements.  Even better was that I got it signed by the Holden Racing Team drivers, Tander and Courtney.

I was almost last in the line so I was pretty lucky that the drivers agreed to stay a little longer.

Of course I did a bit of shopping while I was in a city!  But I'm at home now, almost finished unpacking.  My family has come home with me so I won't be able to do much work or writing.