Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Food preparation

For ages I have liked the idea of weekly food preparing.  I like to plan ahead - although sometimes I'm pretty lax about it.  But food preping is a whole other thing.

Basically you get containers, cut up and cook meals to put into them, refridgerate some of your containers and keep the rest in the freezer.

Most of the meals I've seen are pretty boring.  But it's similar to when we used to double our meals and keep half in the freezer, from apricot chicken to pasta sauce. So I'm going to mull this over a little more.

What I do, which a few of my friends like the idea of, is making single serves of snack foods.

Yesterday I broke up some sweet treats - dark chocolate (70%) and some honey cashews.

I break up the chocolate into pieces and then put roughly 5 into containers, this is approx 30gms.

No more eating half a block of chocolate!  Although that would be pretty full on with dark chocolate.

I then checked the label of the nuts which said each serve was 50gm.  I then put my container onto the scale and turn it on, this makes my scale ignore the weight of the container.  Then I pour in the nuts until I get to 50 - or 51 in this case.

These sit in my fridge ready for when I want a snack.  The cinnamon is for when I want to add a different flavour to the microwave popcorn single serves.

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