Thursday, December 13, 2007

Killer (Shane) Miller died on Monday. His funeral is on Friday, 10am at Saint Pat's Church.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I waxed my legs this morning - apparently a packet is 'Sufficient strips for the depilations of both half legs + underarms + bikini line'. I didn't even get half legs finished!!! Reusable strips!!! Only if you are lucky.

So my legs are now 70% hair less from the knees down - oh well. It worked better then the hair removal cream that never works on my legs - however on underarms it's okay.

C got me this awesome program called 'hott notes' it is a free small program that lets you put sticky notes on your desktop. I like it a lot -

Monday, December 10, 2007


I just found this fanlisting for Chobits - I love chobits!

I signed up - but I'm not quite sure what to do now - I guess I'll wait for an email :) But I might share two old pics:



They are some of the first macro shots I took and you can really tell :(

Dolling around

Took a heap of photos this morning - see flickr.

Migifdoll has now got a proper name - it was going to be Hail - but then I came across the Bi - it means rain in Korean - and it suits him!!!

I have been writing again - it comes and goes - but I really need to write a romance novel because I'm sick of reading badly written ones and thinking I could do better. I have two already started and I switch between them. Anyone who knows me wouldn't be surprised by this admittance.

But I have lived with the characters of both stories for so long in me head - they say the key to good writing is having realistic characters - I feel sad that I will eventually have to share them with the rest of the world.

To help me do this - I have trawling doll sites to see if I can find photos of dolls that look somewhat like the characters:

The guy here: is Haytham (a genie). It is so much like him that I really want to buy him. I'm off to stare at my bank account.

Monday, December 03, 2007


We are in the middle of a dust storm right now - I just went out in it to take some clothes off the line. But it doesn't matter because our house is filled with dust. I can feel it in my teeth - ewww.

Wait: I think C has just started vacuuming the air in the lounge room :X

Sunday, December 02, 2007

roll 7

Roll 7 of the wedding photos

Roll 6

Roll 6 of the wedding photos:

I have almost finished report cards!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Killing time

Today was such a lazy day - I talked to Tanya this morning via facebook messages, I had to do some washing and I'll do some more tomorrow. Tomorrow I will also have to clean my areas of the house and finished those looming report cards.

I painted Hail's face today (I think I'll call him Hail) but I don't like the lower lashes but I got sick of doing them over and over again. I'll try again with paint later.


I'm calling him Hail because I like rain and everything that has to do with rain. I don't realise how much I miss it but when we were at Erin's (Hi Erin!) at the start of the week it rained every night. Out here the closest I get to regular rain is my CD of a thunderstorm. I listen to it at night when I can't sleep.

Anyway - There is another doll called rain, another called storm and another called hailstorm. But Hail has kind of stuck. I really like the name Monsoon - but I decided that it's a girl's name - which I would make with a Miho head and a female fdoll body some time next year. Big plans,,,

Although I still wouldn't mind a DZ Ying before Christmas so I could get a bunny free. But my doll wish list stands at:

1. Miho head and fdoll body
2. DZ Ying
3. Curo bunny or DZ bunny - in white to be called Silverbell and in tan to be called Hopsy
4. A dollmore model doll - but who???
5. Momoko doll
6. Mimo - this one is cute
7. Another Licca doll to keep the one I have company

Please note there are no Blythes, Taeyangs or Pullips on my list - must say no!!! Must enjoy the ones I have! Beside there are not many new releases that I like.

Sorry about the Doll spam - knee news - I have this injury and will be seeing another doctor about it on the 15 of Jan.

Roll 5 of the wedding photos: