Saturday, December 01, 2007

Killing time

Today was such a lazy day - I talked to Tanya this morning via facebook messages, I had to do some washing and I'll do some more tomorrow. Tomorrow I will also have to clean my areas of the house and finished those looming report cards.

I painted Hail's face today (I think I'll call him Hail) but I don't like the lower lashes but I got sick of doing them over and over again. I'll try again with paint later.


I'm calling him Hail because I like rain and everything that has to do with rain. I don't realise how much I miss it but when we were at Erin's (Hi Erin!) at the start of the week it rained every night. Out here the closest I get to regular rain is my CD of a thunderstorm. I listen to it at night when I can't sleep.

Anyway - There is another doll called rain, another called storm and another called hailstorm. But Hail has kind of stuck. I really like the name Monsoon - but I decided that it's a girl's name - which I would make with a Miho head and a female fdoll body some time next year. Big plans,,,

Although I still wouldn't mind a DZ Ying before Christmas so I could get a bunny free. But my doll wish list stands at:

1. Miho head and fdoll body
2. DZ Ying
3. Curo bunny or DZ bunny - in white to be called Silverbell and in tan to be called Hopsy
4. A dollmore model doll - but who???
5. Momoko doll
6. Mimo - this one is cute
7. Another Licca doll to keep the one I have company

Please note there are no Blythes, Taeyangs or Pullips on my list - must say no!!! Must enjoy the ones I have! Beside there are not many new releases that I like.

Sorry about the Doll spam - knee news - I have this injury and will be seeing another doctor about it on the 15 of Jan.

Roll 5 of the wedding photos:

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