Monday, January 29, 2007

Some good - some bad

Today went pretty well - I like my classes so far - tomorrow won't be as great though :(

I just finished Smiling Pasta - altough the turtle thing started to get on my nerves I thought it was a good drama. The guy wasn't as cute as Ken Chu though - but only Joe Cheng could rival Ken. I'm so sad in the head I know.

My Rozen Maiden Pullips got here today - but my camera it's working so I have to take photos at another time. They look great and I am happy that I got them even though they were pretty expensive. I rue the American Dollar.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lovely Complex

Oh how much do I love this manga (stoptazmo)??? Ga Suki Desu!

And I finally downloaded the movie (daddicts somewhere) and watched it - so cute!

So today I have done a fair bit of cleaning, read some manga, watched a movie, and am about to go to school I guess to get some work.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Work of sorts

Well - it looks like I might have some buyers for my shoes... Yeah! Today I refined the t-shirt pattern for the boy Pullips. Ruth will be sending me Nina and Sage tomorrow - so hopefully I will get them on Monday!!! Still haven't told C yet - but that's okay - it is my money.

The new high school teacher, Troy, got back to me about the units, but I have to resend one of the them - must do that after I finish writing this entry.

I have slowly gotten my craftroom back into shape - calling it my studio would be to pompous.

Okay - must go and send that unit.

Woah Girl...

Sometimes I get a thing in my head and I can't stop thinking about it. Lately it has been Pullips - but dolls have been it for a while. Which reminds me - My Pinky:St has melted a little and leans forward!!! It's Mai too so a rare Pinky at that!

Anyway - I have bought two Rozen Maiden dolls (which is very exciting) with my share of the wedding money. But I'm always checking out the Pullip section on Ebay, especially Aussie sellers. Last night Sage and Nina were up for auction... they are matching boyfriend and girlfriend in a school uniform.

But no one was bidding on Sage - so I snapped him up for $70 Aus. I was very happy with that - but then I started thinking about for Sage without his girlfriend and how much I would kick myself if I didn't put in a bit for Nina. So I bid $80.50 and walked away. Turns out that I won Nina as well... Man am I broke. But from Sage costs $88 US and Nina costs... Hmm she's out of stock. So I feel very lucky.

I put a heap of shoes of Ebay yesterday and I have a few watchers.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Holiday snaps? Part 1

This may prove a bit of a big post - but that's okay - right?

This post is about the extremes of my holiday actually. So the first few are ones of us driving through a fire between Herberton (my home town and where we stayed with my partents) and the next town Atherton (Where the shops are).

Driving into the smoke

Flames on the side of the road

On the way home we stopped into Cardwell for a break. We get fish and chips from the first 'fish and chips' shop coming into Cardwell from the Tully (another town) direction - it's the blue and white one just incase you go to Cardwell. Anyway the lady who owns the shop sounds like she has constant PMS - she shouts at you and tells you crazy stories - but she makes the best fried seafood.



Then when we were almost home - after 11 or so hours of driving - we came across this storm... It was pretty awesome with lightening cracking over the car, rain coming in horizontally and visability at an all time low.


A patch of blue

Some random photos - one of a frog and the other an orchid of Mum's.



So - here are some photos of the Pullip girls:






Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hmm, why do I not have any information down the side????

On the dumb and marrying dumber

Can you believe how dumb I am? I forgot my username and password for this Blog. But it is obviously okay now...

Well I am now married - trying to get some photos today from the photographer. The hitch went off with a few hitches...

1. Just remember if you want something done right - do it yourself even if it means you have to do it while in the gown (at anystage of the day - to print out toast cards, to write signs that tell people where to put presents and wishing well money while they are waiting to put their presents down, to feed the starving cat).

2. The person you are marrying sticks his head in the sand and has a memory of a goldfish - or just ignores you when you are telling him important information.

3. Remember that the power can and will go out while your parents are cooking dinner for 60 odd people.

4. Three bottles of bubbly is fun on the night - not so fun the next morning.

So we are all a little over the wedding - but everyone that I managed to talk to loved both the ceremony and the reception and it was nice to see everyone.

Yesterday I sewed four pairs of jeans for my Pullip boys - with my share of the wishig well money I will be buying two Rozen Maiden Pullips - Yeah!