Thursday, January 11, 2007

On the dumb and marrying dumber

Can you believe how dumb I am? I forgot my username and password for this Blog. But it is obviously okay now...

Well I am now married - trying to get some photos today from the photographer. The hitch went off with a few hitches...

1. Just remember if you want something done right - do it yourself even if it means you have to do it while in the gown (at anystage of the day - to print out toast cards, to write signs that tell people where to put presents and wishing well money while they are waiting to put their presents down, to feed the starving cat).

2. The person you are marrying sticks his head in the sand and has a memory of a goldfish - or just ignores you when you are telling him important information.

3. Remember that the power can and will go out while your parents are cooking dinner for 60 odd people.

4. Three bottles of bubbly is fun on the night - not so fun the next morning.

So we are all a little over the wedding - but everyone that I managed to talk to loved both the ceremony and the reception and it was nice to see everyone.

Yesterday I sewed four pairs of jeans for my Pullip boys - with my share of the wishig well money I will be buying two Rozen Maiden Pullips - Yeah!

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