Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Woah Girl...

Sometimes I get a thing in my head and I can't stop thinking about it. Lately it has been Pullips - but dolls have been it for a while. Which reminds me - My Pinky:St has melted a little and leans forward!!! It's Mai too so a rare Pinky at that!

Anyway - I have bought two Rozen Maiden dolls (which is very exciting) with my share of the wedding money. But I'm always checking out the Pullip section on Ebay, especially Aussie sellers. Last night Sage and Nina were up for auction... they are matching boyfriend and girlfriend in a school uniform.

But no one was bidding on Sage - so I snapped him up for $70 Aus. I was very happy with that - but then I started thinking about for Sage without his girlfriend and how much I would kick myself if I didn't put in a bit for Nina. So I bid $80.50 and walked away. Turns out that I won Nina as well... Man am I broke. But from Sage costs $88 US and Nina costs... Hmm she's out of stock. So I feel very lucky.

I put a heap of shoes of Ebay yesterday and I have a few watchers.

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