Friday, December 26, 2014

Hair Journey

As the end of the year approaches I really wanted to make a time line of my hair this year... But I'm missing some of the photos from the start of the year from my phone!

So I'm making do with what I have.

At the start of the year I ombred my hair tips using bleach.  It worked well, but my aim was to dip dye it.  I went with purple - la riche voilet. The colour was dark and blended in too well with my all over colour.  I repeated the ombré half way through the year and I also tried blue and pink from Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Ultra Brights.  They didn't last very long but the pink did look great.

I decided during the September holidays and just go the whole hog and really get the colour I wanted.  I went from this to this...

I felt like a spy changing the colour of my hair to escape the enemies. 

Then this happened.

So this is Manic Panic Ultra Violet mostly. Purple haze as used in the bottom half - never again.

Pretty soon the Purple Haze turned a funny colour:

While the voilet turned a silvery grey purple which I loved.

So I used a pot of the violet and put though a heap of foils.

For the first week of my Christmas holidays I stripped my hair using anti-dandruff shampoo until it looked like this:

Then I booked in and bleached again.

See how the purple turned into green-blue?  That's a hint at what was to come.


Check that colour out!  I was hoping for a darker teal and ended up with bright
Cyan - it's mostly Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise.

So there we have it - my new awesome hair colour.  I've washed it twice now and the colour runs like heck but the hair doesn't look as though it has changed.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Gelicious - Lady Lauren & Peel off

I really wanted to try out the peel-off gel and I thought I would try it with the one polish I have been dreading to use.

Lady Lauren is a glitter and since I struggle to remove normal Gelicious polish I really didn't want to,,, well,,, you know try and get rid of the GLITTER!

I don't know if it was the peel-off or LL but I made a hash of this mani.  The glitter pooled along the sides even as I was zapping them in the light.

Once I finished I attacked most of the edges with a file because it was so uncomfortable.  The worst is my thumb.

Anywhooo I'll see how it goes.

Alrighty - the results!

7 days in 2 nails lost their gel - both had thick ridges of gel down the side so I wasn't surprised.

Finally after 15 days I had had enough chipping from one nail - and I had stained the polish with hair dye - to remove it all.  My regrowth was also long.

Here you can see the already peeled polish, the chipped nail and my regrowth.

So I soaked. And the I peeled back a little and kept repeating. But unfortunately that gel must have set pretty hard over the fortnight.

I also couldn't spend much longer than because I needed to get to an appointment.  So I did start to stratch off when it started taking too long.

I wish I had more time to do it properly because I ended up damaging the top layer of my nails.  They have all since buffed out, except for a thumb nail, but I was pretty angry at myself.

So things I have learnt -

After a long shower or hair washing you may get a little lifting - leave it alone to dry and reset.

Thick edges that touch skin peel away easily 

It will last a fortnight 

It will take a long time to remove the polish if it has stayed in you nails for so long.

Verdict -

I will probably never use the other Gelicious clear coats again. Peel off for the win.

A5 2015 Faux Hobonichi printable

I've been pretty happy with my Kikki K diary insert this year but I wanted to have a go at a day per page.  I liked the idea of a Hobonichi but I'm committed to using my Filofax and Kikki K planners.

So I downloaded the source files from Philofaxy (how amazing is Philofaxy?) and had a go at recreating the layout, but kept it pretty simple.  It's been a while since I played with mail merge so it took me a fair bit of fiddling.

Anyway, just in case anyone else would like a copy, I'm sharing the original word file and the merged word and pdf files.

unmerged file - doc - you will need to get the source files I guess...

OMG - Google docs is taking forever!

I'm going to use drop box - click here to go to my folder - the password is hobonichi

Week 50

Start of the school holidays!

Using some Kikki K washi tape - I've never seen snow but it's so Christmassy to have show and snowmen isn't it?

I really want to draw more in my diary - I have some plans for next year I'm telling you!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Priceline makeup haul

With a 40% off sale how could I say no?

Bourjois was the first brand of eye shadow that I bought for myself.  I thought I would also try some blush.

I'm always surprised when I see that the shadow matches the casing.

The colours are nice and pigmented - the turqouise and green needed two swipes though.  I wore the shimmer (not the glitter) beige today over Urban Decay primer and you can still see it after 10 hours.

These are Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Powders, in translucent and creamy natural.  

I used the translucent today and it seemed to work - I can certainly still feel it on my face.

Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour - on the left is Perpetual Peony - on the right is Fushia Forever.

I really like this line - doesn't last all over the lips for 14hra but long enough.  They also smell nice.

Revlon ColorStay in Silhouette.  I really haven't tried this line - I have one other colour I think, but haven't used it.

Australis Make-up Finishing Spritz smells lovely.  It had mixed reviews but I'll give it a go.

Monday, December 01, 2014


I got a new ring today!  I love it.  It has 'moon child' engraved upon it, and is sterling silver.  I bought it from Dixi -  I was surprised at how quickly it arrived since it came from the UK.  I also bought some Christmas presents from there and I'm pretty happy with them.

It was actually a good mail day, my order from Priceline which I post about tomorrow.