Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Gelicious - Lady Lauren & Peel off

I really wanted to try out the peel-off gel and I thought I would try it with the one polish I have been dreading to use.

Lady Lauren is a glitter and since I struggle to remove normal Gelicious polish I really didn't want to,,, well,,, you know try and get rid of the GLITTER!

I don't know if it was the peel-off or LL but I made a hash of this mani.  The glitter pooled along the sides even as I was zapping them in the light.

Once I finished I attacked most of the edges with a file because it was so uncomfortable.  The worst is my thumb.

Anywhooo I'll see how it goes.

Alrighty - the results!

7 days in 2 nails lost their gel - both had thick ridges of gel down the side so I wasn't surprised.

Finally after 15 days I had had enough chipping from one nail - and I had stained the polish with hair dye - to remove it all.  My regrowth was also long.

Here you can see the already peeled polish, the chipped nail and my regrowth.

So I soaked. And the I peeled back a little and kept repeating. But unfortunately that gel must have set pretty hard over the fortnight.

I also couldn't spend much longer than because I needed to get to an appointment.  So I did start to stratch off when it started taking too long.

I wish I had more time to do it properly because I ended up damaging the top layer of my nails.  They have all since buffed out, except for a thumb nail, but I was pretty angry at myself.

So things I have learnt -

After a long shower or hair washing you may get a little lifting - leave it alone to dry and reset.

Thick edges that touch skin peel away easily 

It will last a fortnight 

It will take a long time to remove the polish if it has stayed in you nails for so long.

Verdict -

I will probably never use the other Gelicious clear coats again. Peel off for the win.

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