Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Parrots - Erstwilder

Went with the parrot earrings today from Erstwilder.  Paired them with a necklace from Rockmans. I also wore a yellow cami from Target and a top from Big W.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aussie Curves - LBD


I had a fabulous time over the weekend. I had my cousin's wedding and the next day we had a drive on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. 

I found the best store, I can honestly say with hand on heart that this shop is the BEST.  It's called Johanna Designs and is in Kenilworth.

Anyway while I was there, I bought up 6  pieces of jewellery that were from the designer 'Erstwilder'. These earrings...


 How could I say no!

So I put the orange cheetahs with purple leggings, bangle, watch and a black beaded necklace.



You can't really tell that my tights are purple, so here they are:

Pretty darn chuffed with my effort this week.


LBD - Basque. I got this dress on sale for  $12.50, so I bought two, 1 in red and this one. But Myer left the magnet on and I didn't realise until I got back to the place I was staying. When I got to Myer the next day they gave me my money back. I think I've told this story before - but... two free dresses from Myer!

Stockings - Autograph

Shoes - Rubi

Earrings - Erstwilder

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aussie Curves - work

Work clothes for me is comfort and fun. Sometimes if a big wig comes through I'll wear more professional clothing but early in my 'teaching career' a teacher (probably an art teacher) told me that if you make sure you look like the most interesting thing in the room then you'll know the students are paying you attention.

Hence I like to wear colour, big necklaces, funny details and I'm not really scared to try new things.

Anyway - turquoise jeans, metallic t-shirt, and a shrug that I made.

I'm travelling around at the moment so I might not be able to figure out the linky code on my phone! I can't even sort out my photos!

Went to my cousin's wedding last night and had a great time. Wore the black lace with gold shoes.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aussie Curves - feminine

I found feminine hard this week. And then it was Friday and I had one of those days when nothing felt right when I put it on.

I finally went with this but I wasn't sold on it. Quite a few people commented on the colour combo - mint and light salmon. Matches my BLOG!


Jeggings - Crossroads
Scarf - Autograph
Shirt - Sara
Shoes - Rubi

PS. Thank  you everyone for voting on my dresses - looks like I'm going with lace!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aussie Curves - Celebrate

I have two weddings coming up in my unusually social social-calendar.

So my Mum and I have been talking about what we will be wearing.  I just want to wear the same thing to both weddings, because I will be the only person that will be attending the two. The first is a cousin's wedding and the other a friend's.

So I did a pull in my cupboard for cocktail-ly dresses that would do okay in a carry on.

Dress 1: Target
Price: $70 approx
This first one fails totally.  Great colour and feel nice on because of the fabric but look at those creases! All this dress has done is hang out in my wardrobe and she already needs a press!  Plus because the fabric isn't stretchy you can really see my my tub rolls.

Dress 2: Basque
Price:  $12 on sale
Super comfy. It's black so it absorbs all my tub rolls. It has a peplum.  Only minus is that the cap sleeves make my arms wider.

Dress 3: Autrograph
Price: $19.99 on sale
Comfy even though it's quite a body hugger. It has sleeves that I think are nice.Does the wide neck makes me look top heavy? I need to sew on bra catchers and also I worry about the zipper quality.

Dress 4: Autograph
 Price: $19.99
 Feel a little bit like I'm on an episode of Star Trek.  Pretty comfy, nice sleeves. I will have to tack the front cross over so that it doesn't show my bra.

I had a few others, but took them out of the game before I even photographed them - too dressy or too casual.

What do you think?

Which dress should I wear?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


My Lincraft order of yarn arrived today. I needed a turquoise for my blanket so I ordered a few blues. I ended up with two possibles but I'm going with the brighter blue.

Of course I ended up with a 'few' other colours as well.