Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aussie Curves - feminine

I found feminine hard this week. And then it was Friday and I had one of those days when nothing felt right when I put it on.

I finally went with this but I wasn't sold on it. Quite a few people commented on the colour combo - mint and light salmon. Matches my BLOG!


Jeggings - Crossroads
Scarf - Autograph
Shirt - Sara
Shoes - Rubi

PS. Thank  you everyone for voting on my dresses - looks like I'm going with lace!!!


  1. I love that your outfit matches you blog! Haha. Fun. I really love those pants. I think you'll get loads of wear out of them in a few months time.

    1. I seem to love coloured jeggings. I wasn't sure about this colour though because I thought that people might have to take a second look thinking that I was nude on the bottom >.<

  2. hehe your outfit totally does match your blog, I have the same blog template, I should give a similar outfit a go :)

    1. It's a nice colour combo - I thought about changing it (BLOG) but I guess I'm too lazy.