Monday, December 28, 2015

Life went a bit skewwiff

So my life went a bit skewwiff for a while there. After Atlas was born, we went back home and started to settle into our new rhythm. But then my husband was granted parental leave, so off we went to visit the southern part of our state and friends and family.

But then... driving to his mother's, my husband experienced severe pain, and fobbed it off. By 1am his mum had called the ambulance and he was whisked off to hospital. Turns out he had gallstones and pancreatitis.

So while he was in pain in hospital, they gave him the wrong sort of drip and so he ended up with chronic gout as well. So his stay in the hospital was extended.

Once that was over, we stayed at my mother-in-law's home - bless her for taking us in even though... well that is another story to tell probably never on here - for two weeks before my husband went in for surgery to remove his gallbladder.

Two more week after the surgery he was given the clear to go home - so we drove the three days that it now takes with a baby and finally got home.

So my life in dot points:
- End of May - Left home to go to my parents to await the birth
- Start of June - Husband travels to us
- June - nightmare of a month with two uncle passing away, issues with hospitals and anesthetists. Working on our home to make at least one room livable.
- July - Atlas is born and breastfeeding becomes an even bigger nightmare - I will make a separate post on this topic because I really couldn't find anything to help me online.
- August - We finally make our way back home - We are getting pretty good sleep, breastfeeding is still an issue, Atlas is a beautiful boy.
- September - Went to visit family and friends down south. Spent between hospitals and doctors
- October - Spend between hospitals and doctors before we finally get to go home.

November and December has been fantastic - settling Atlas into our home routine, Charles going back to work and me working out how I manage to do very little all day bar looking after a baby, but not get much else done.

I had some big changes in my life in the last 6 months, but I'm keen to get back to blogging.