Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January clutter challenge

Verdict so far - doing ok. I keep making up piles of crap, and saying I'll get my phone and then forgetting to. I missed the 9th so I'll find another 9 things - so not hard.

Bathroom sink area


Xmas cards can go

On a shelf


Old handbag

Makeup up drawers 

Make up drawers - will need another thing as I miscounted.

Monday, January 04, 2016

January clutter challenge

Over the last two months I've been redesigning our lounge room and getting A's room done.  When I say redesigning I actually mean designing because, well, our furniture and interiors have been pretty slap dash - buying what we needed, when we needed it, at the cheapest price - so nothing matched or looked nice.

The before and after will be another post, after I'm done.

But for now I want to share my current challenge. As you know, I'm a great starter; I love to start project, but struggle to finish them. We'll see how this on goes.

This one starts easy, you dump/donate/sell things every day; the date tells you how many items.  Today's date is the 4th - so I have to remove 4 items!

Brilliant, but I'm starting today - hey I only saw it in Pinterest last night.

So here are my things so far:

A bag from my first aid course. I've taken the bandages out and put them in the first aid bucket.

Kimmidolls - I get given them.  I'm sure I have more but these two have been sitting on the bookshelves collecting dust.  I've put these in a 'donate' box.

Empty bottles - we didn't even drink these. Actually we have turned into a dry house so we have been giving away or emptying wine and liqueur bottles. These three have been above our sink for a few weeks now.

Candles. More Kimmidolls. Candles don't last long in our heat before they melt - these poor ladies have melted in on themselves although you can't tell from this angle. The orange candle was bought because it was 'supposibly' scented - it didn't really smell much and we now have Scenty. The other candle is pretty but we don't need it. The layer or dust proves this.

So there you go - I wonder what I'll find tomorrow to get rid of?