Sunday, May 26, 2013

Show Ball

Nothing too exciting here, I went with a little black peplum dress with a black shrug and black tights - because it was cold! Unfortunately black on black on black doesn't show detail.

 There are so many photos because I got a few nice selfies last night - minor miracle. 

And also I got photo bombed by Squish.
  Dress: Basque - $12 on sale - I bought 2.
Shrug: Rockmans
Shoes: Steve Madden - one of my favourite pairs.
Necklace: Some clothing store I would never go into because they don't go above size 16, but I saw the necklace out of the corner of my eye.
 Bracelet - Autograph

I wish I took a photograph of the back of my hair - I reversed braided that sucker before putting it into the bun. The bun ended being a little forward on my head but once it was it - it was up.

Anyway - the night was fun - the band played requests so we got a few in - and danced the night away.


Aussie Curves - Green


After my attempt for the Aussie Curves - Pajamas week, I realised I was in dire need for some new pajamas - actually matching ones.  I also had to get it done before my school camp - which I go on, tomorrow at 5:30 am. I did all the cutting out and actually got the bottoms done last weekend, so I finished off the top today.


Easy sewing - I love it.  I made the pajama bottoms based off an old pair that had worn through. The top is my trusty t-shirt patten based off a one I bought from Big W - but I extended the sleeves.

I had bought the fabric years ago.  At the time I couldn't decide whether or not a 'actually' liked it - I mean brown and green? But the hearts! And so nice and comfy. Luckily I did buy a heap of it - just enough to squeeze in pants and long sleeve top anyway.

Ignore all cat hair.

I also managed to sew a kimono sleeved top out as well. This fabric was in a second hand lot that I won off Ebay.  It's a cotton blend so it was easy to sew and doesn't need a lot of ironing.

I was worried that it might look a little like hospital scrubs, but there is a little shaping and darts. It feels nice to wear; I might shorten the sleeves even further.


Top: mine
Jeans: Sara 
Boots: I love Billy - dark green!
Necklace: Bubble necklace from eBay.

The original pattern is from Vogue - pattern 1247. I've done some modifications like getting rid of all the gathering - no I don't need any more fabric around my boobs and shoulders, moved the darts, and removed a lot of the fiddly pieces.

One more...


  • Black t-shirts - my other black t-shirts are becoming mis-shapened
  • White t-shirts - because I don't have them - except for the spotted one
  • Take in all my jeggings - one more pair to go
  • Make a proper black skirt
  • Make a polka dotted black skirt
  • Make a gallaxy t-shirt and leggings
  • Make a few kimono sleeved tops - well one anyway

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Aussie Curves - Sequins

Felt a bit rock star when I wore this.

This was free dress from Myer - well kind of - it was on sale and I bought two for $25, but then when I got back to my bed and breakfast I realized the security magnet was still on one.

When I took it back to Myer they gave $20 off my original purchase - well I did have to take a taxi - so that is why I like buying from Myer.

My leggings are from Asos. I got heaps of compliments for them but to make them comfortable I wore bike pants underneath because man were they scratchy.

Studded shoes are Rubi - I actually bought another two pairs of these when they were on sale. So comfy but still edgy - in my little world anyway.

PS - I have been sick today so pjs all day for me.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ohhh, it's Friday!

So excited that it's Eurovision night.

Made my own chips even.

It's been so cold lately - took a photo of my walk to school. Can you see the fog? That rarely happens here.

And in other news; inter-species love.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This afternoon

- new sticky notes
- wet and cold - finally
- new colour added to my blanket
- short short story written for a class - 1st draft
- new pajamas cut out

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Me Made May - week 1

As you know I'm not actually doing Me Made May, but I have been trying to wear something that I have touched with a needle.

Mostly my outfits have included altered jeggings, t-shirts or necklaces I made.

Crochet cloth

I think I'm addicted to this - finished a dish/face/oven cloth.

It feels so lovely and looks so pretty.

Although now I know why some people don't like using cotton yarn - it feels a little squeaky and it's stupid to say but if you don't like cotton balls because of how it feels then you won't like the yarn.

I'm giving this one to a friend when we go over to her house for afternoon tea.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New projects

What's in my hook? New blanket for me and I'm trying cotton. I'm making face clothes or maybe dish clothes - very pretty.