Thursday, May 23, 2013

Aussie Curves - Sequins

Felt a bit rock star when I wore this.

This was free dress from Myer - well kind of - it was on sale and I bought two for $25, but then when I got back to my bed and breakfast I realized the security magnet was still on one.

When I took it back to Myer they gave $20 off my original purchase - well I did have to take a taxi - so that is why I like buying from Myer.

My leggings are from Asos. I got heaps of compliments for them but to make them comfortable I wore bike pants underneath because man were they scratchy.

Studded shoes are Rubi - I actually bought another two pairs of these when they were on sale. So comfy but still edgy - in my little world anyway.

PS - I have been sick today so pjs all day for me.


  1. Super cute! Loving the sequin leggings, I almost bought a pair from Nat. I just had no idea how I'd wear them and yes, the scratch was annoying! LOVE them on you here though, what a fab look.

  2. I also have those tights and am yet to wear them. I like the way you styled them. And thanks for the tip of wearing bike shorts under them.

  3. Great leggings. I hate hate HATE when they forget to take off the security tags. There's no getting those suckers off on your own!!

  4. gotta love leggings with sequins ;-) you look great!

  5. Great way to wear sequins, bling without being OTT.

  6. P.S. love the rockstar pic