Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Aussie Curves - Time Saver

I'm so lazy in the morning 
  • My alarm is set to 6:25 just so that I can press snooze twice.
  • Then I get up and poke around,
  • I often go over my planning for the day while I eat breakfast
  • then I catch up on the news
  • then I look at the clock and realise I should have already had a shower (I don't feel like a person if I don't shower in the morning.
  • So I quickly grab my clothes and jump in the shower.
  • Dress, get teeth done, pick up bags and lunch and go!!!
The one thing that saves me from not arriving late for work is that I try to plan my clothes the day before. I don't wear makeup only a tinted sunscreen - except on special days, and some days I can't even be bothered to brush my hair, like yesterday. It also helps that I live two blocks from my school.

I used to try and get up early to exercise - but now I do that after I go to the post office in the afternoon - at about 4:50pm - yep about ten minutes before they close - except today that is - I'm posting this :)

This was yesterday's outfit:

Leggings - Crossroads (not to sure about that)
Tunic - Ezibuy
Cardigan - Autograph
Shoes - Rubi
Necklace - Diva


The leggings look black in the other photos:

 Kick off the shoes and dance


  1. Nothing faster than a tunic/leggings combo. And those leggings are all kinds of wonderful. LOVE the dance pic at the end. ;)

    1. For some reason I had David Bowie in my head - not the right words but that's what I sung.

  2. such a funky outfit, love the leggings, necklace and shoes!

  3. Your dance pic made me laugh.
    Great post.

    1. Most people laugh at my dancing - laugh at me - not with me.

  4. That necklace is to die for!

  5. fab necklace and shoes!