Sunday, May 26, 2013

Show Ball

Nothing too exciting here, I went with a little black peplum dress with a black shrug and black tights - because it was cold! Unfortunately black on black on black doesn't show detail.

 There are so many photos because I got a few nice selfies last night - minor miracle. 

And also I got photo bombed by Squish.
  Dress: Basque - $12 on sale - I bought 2.
Shrug: Rockmans
Shoes: Steve Madden - one of my favourite pairs.
Necklace: Some clothing store I would never go into because they don't go above size 16, but I saw the necklace out of the corner of my eye.
 Bracelet - Autograph

I wish I took a photograph of the back of my hair - I reversed braided that sucker before putting it into the bun. The bun ended being a little forward on my head but once it was it - it was up.

Anyway - the night was fun - the band played requests so we got a few in - and danced the night away.


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