Saturday, June 01, 2013

Wearing Colour

I love colour. Certainly not afraid to mix it up. Coral and Maroon together. Blue and green together. Purple and pink together.

I read a few weeks ago an online article about mixing up your wardrobe - and one suggestion by some fashion author is to wear one colour of the rainbow each day.

I don't think that it would be too much of an issue.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet 

I think my colour holes are orange and indigo, but hold the phone - whoa the phone just started ringing when I typed that - I think I'm wearing an indigo top right now.  And I do have a pair of 'bright orange' jeggings and a coral maxi skirt.

So okay, I think I'm set. 

Wearing colour for the next 7 days!!!


I bought myself a Tatty Devine dinosaur necklace today. The giant black dinos were all sold out, so I went with the giant gold one instead. As hubby said, if I wear it against a dark/black top or dress it wouldn't stand out - and thus a waste of $220 Aus.

I was almost shaking when I pressed the add to cart button.

There are some knock off on eBay that tempted me, but seriously I wouldn't be able to wear it without feeling guilty - plus they aren't a HUGE!

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