Monday, June 03, 2013

Wearing Colour - Blue

As I walked to my first class of the day a student exclaimed, 'Miss, you're wearing my colour! Blue!'
 I'm glad she verified which colour because although it's blue day - I am wearing a fair bit of yellow and green too.

Green Cardigan - Rockmans
Blue top - Reebok
Yellow Camisole - Target
Jeans - Autograph
Shoes - Rubi
Watch - Big W

This was a shot from the first time I wore this top - I've included it just to show the band and the print.  This top gets so many compliments.

Also tried on someone else's new glasses - I really like this shape.  Then I realised that they were Ray Bands, and I was like - yep, that's why.  I can't wait to get some new frames. 

Oh yeah, that's the wall behind my desk at work.  See those white baskets? I have one for each subject that I teach. Planning and everything else that I need to teach that class for the week goes in there, so all I have to do it grab the correct basket each lesson.

Can you see that thing on the top shelf of the book case? That's my birthday crown.  Anyone in my form class that has a birthday during the school week has to wear it for the day.

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