Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Aussie Curves - Spike

 Today is also my red day in my wearing colours challenge.  Yesterday I wore violet but because it was such a long day I didn't get any photos - I'll have to recreate on the weekend.

I started off this morning wearing 4 layers. Black cami, red top, grey cardi and the dotted jacket. By the end of the day I was down to two - and I only needed to wear the cami prevent my students from seeing my boob slot.

Cami - Target
Red top - Big W
Cardi - Big W (not seen because I actually left it on the back of my chair at work)
Jacket - Autograph
Pants - Autograph
Shoes - Rubi

Did you see the cat photo-bomb?  

This outfit was all about the accessories - all from Big W.

The following photo shows you that I have a problem. 

See them? They are my back up shoes.

I love these shoes so much - that I bought spares that live in a cupboard - just - in - case.
I do this all the time.

NB: they have spikes on them.

Part of me really wanted to dress up like Spike Thompson from Press Gang for this week's challenge - considering he was one of my favourite TV crushes at the time.  I think I will just re-watch the series again on the long weekend while I do some sewing.


  1. I love that you have back up shoes!!!! They are amazing and totally worth backing up!

    1. Thanks for the support. I live in the middle of nowhere, so it's not like I can duck to the shops and buy a new pair if they break.

  2. I love those earrings, as you said, very art deco in style and a great colour!

  3. haha i love the shoe collection, thats so awesome!

  4. You look great. A stylish spiky look, I love it.

    LOVE the cupboard spares. Haha. Great thinking 99.