Sunday, June 16, 2013


- early breakfast at the bakery
- showed my redneck tendencies by spending half a day at the drag races. A friend from work bought my old car to race - see 3rd pic.
- had a beef and gravy roll and a cherry slushy. I now must buy some syrup flavours for myself.
- rang my mum for her Birthday. She will get her present(s) when I see her in person on the holidays.
- pizza for dinner at friends while watching Rocky Horror and something else.
- big sleep in on Sunday morning.
- lamb burger brunch at the centre.
- delivered some big butt pants for a baby boy.
- worked even though this is the last week of school for the term.
- watched Harry Potter 1 & 2 while I crocheted and hand sewed.
- in bed early to blog and read a novel.

And I didn't think I had done much this weekend!

The last picture is of my jeans, I think. The photos I take when I think my phone is off.

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