Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Aussie Curves - Homemade

I thought a few weeks ago was 'Homemade' week! So this week you will get two outfits - you lucky things. At first I thought that I would make something amazing to show you guys, but then I realised I couldn't fit it it - it would have to be something easy.

When I sew, I tend to make things that I will use again & again - staple clothing.  I call it meat and potato sewing.

It gives me a thrill when someone realises that what I'm wearing is made my me, especially when they think it is store bought.

Cardigan - Big W
Necklace - TS16+ (this necklace rubbed a gray stain on my shirt)
Shoes - Rubi
T-shirt - made by me
Skirt - made by me

I made the striped t-shirt and the black skirt.  I use that top all the time.  I finished this skirt off for the challenge - I'm really happy with it because I interlined it with cotton-silk so it's super nice to wear. I also hand sewed the hem using bias tape to hide the edges.

Detail shot:

Today's outfit killed two birds with one stone.  I made it - last night actually - and it is also blue.  Today my student council kids ran a blue dress up day to raise money for Beyond.Blue.

How I started out this morning (it's still cool enough for a jacket):

Jacket - Autograph
Jeans - Autograph
Boots - Rubi
Scarf - Hmmm
Necklace - Hmmm
Sunnies - Ray-bans - prescription - ♥
Top - made by me

The jacket was off by the time lunch came round.

I reused a pattern that I had already worked on - but I tweaked it even more.  The fabric is a cotton chambray from Spotlight. It feels so lovely on. I swear the hem isn't as crocked as it looks in the photos - it's just that I had been wearing it all day so there are a few creases!


I was lazy and didn't want to change the threads on my over locker so I used French seams and bias tape on the neck and hem.

We were talking about sewing today at lunch, before I remembered that I had made my top.  So I showed off my seams to the cries of 'Did you make that?' (I seriously love that). Another sewer at work told me that it was lovely.

This top was inspired by Wiksten's clothing range.

Detail shots:

Bonus shot: My camera fell backwards and took a photo of my ceiling.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Gelicious - Lavender Cupcake

So pretty! Made even more so a week into the mani with a bit of glitter. Although I'm not a fan on stars because their points catch on everything even though I put a layer of gel coat over it.

I've been trailing Gelicious soak and scratch wraps. They are pretty easy to use, probably prefer them to alfoil but the black printing rubs off into my fingers. Plus they are pretty expensive - lucky I bought them on sale.

Base - Gelicious - Lavender Cupcake
Glitter - Candy Lacquer - Starlight

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Friday, July 26, 2013


My big crochet project has come to a halt!  I've decided that I need to do a row of blue or turquoise next but the perfect colour is ear marked for a different project. So this week I decided to take a break for the big blanket and go with the smaller project while I await Lincraft's parcel of yarn to arrive.

See this yarn???

Perfect turquoise - but it also has pompoms! This yarn is full of win I tell you. 
I bought it from Spotlight.

I bought it in red, white, and turquoise. 
I wish I had bought more but I was under the scrutiny of my husband. 
Spotlight really needs to sort out a proper online shop because you can only get Moda Vera yarns from them!

I had to roll it up into a ball to make it useful. The pompoms made it somewhat difficult.

I'm going to make some crochet 'paper chains'. I got the idea from Love Stitches - here. But I'm not using her pattern.

Bonus - Our next door neighbour gave us some fresh veggies from his garden so I made a yummy stir-fry!

This weekend couldn't have come soon enough. Although I'm almost over my flu/cold (which ever one it was) I still feel dull.  Luckily I had a prac student with me for the last 2 weeks so I didn't actually have to teach as much and let her take over.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Aussie Curves - Oversized

For a pretty crappy flu-y week I managed some fun outfits this week - in hopes that if I wear happy clothes it will make me feel better. Not sure if that experiment worked well.

My main aim was to wear a lot of maxis.

I wore PJ's because I stayed home sick


My friend CassCass is still talking about this outfit - she's dubbed it the 'Opal Outfit'. I'll try it again in a blue/green colour way for her.

Maxi skirt - Millers
Top - Rockmans
Cardi - Big W
Shoes - Rubi

I have no recollection of what I wore

THURSDAY - the day of two outfits.
I started off with one outfit - ended up getting sick all over the first. Got showered and changed and tried again... Didn't make it through the day though... I'll try to recreate these outfits next week.

Today's outfit was a bit of winner I feel.  My new jacket came from City Chic yesterday, which was extra nice on account of the fact that I had left work early because I wasn't feeling so crash hot.

I bought the belt and the scarf over the June holidays because I knew they would match my pink boots.  

Jacket - City Chic
Top - I made it
Skirt - Millers
Boots - I Love Billy
Scarf and Belt - Autograph

Students loved the jacket and the matchy-matchy was much appreciated.


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Glasses

Sorry - this is my 'I'm still sick but have worked anyway' look. What I really need is a nap.

But the glasses were given approval by staff and students alike.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Things that made me smiles this week

Lots of things do make me smile, but I thought I would post a few to cheer me up as I'm feeling a little low at the moment.

 Cats - of course.  This one plays the fool a lot.

A bright top and a silver necklace - that promptly broke after I took the photo.

 Scunci pin twirls - I like it when hair things work.  
Scunci french twist was crap - total waste of money.

A box of my favourite manga arrived.  I also read Goong this week for the first time (I had seen the live drama). It was a really good read but the ending left me flat. I wish the manhwa artist had included a epilogue.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Aussie Curves - colour clash

A story of how I picked my outfit

I am so not afraid of colour, my challenge was figuring out which colours to use. A few weeks ago I wore a colour of the rainbow for a week - here!

My answer came after a song from Vast's album Turquoise & Crimson got picked on random on our drive home. I really thought about the turquoise and crimson option, but then decided to go with a more primary colours feel.

After a week's holiday (of eating) I've gained weight so my jeans are all a little tight - these are the only ones that are okay so I went with the light blue jeans from Crossroads.

Then I put on the top I bought from Rockman's a month ago that hadn't been used.

Then I went with an yellow eBay necklace and I Love Billy boots.

 Nope - not working for me - the bottom half felt a little super-hero-like


Okay, I'll change to red heals (have these in so many other colours) and a necklace from TS14+. 
Better, but not a winner.
 Swapped the necklace to this new one from Lovisa. Sold,,, wait where is the yellow?

Popped on a lemon yellow cardigan from Rockmans.

My friend Erin and I - I can't trust my husband to take nice photos of me whereas Erin is so photogenic it kills me.

Note her necklace was a b-day present from me last year, as was her shoes that you obviously can't see.  I love dressing my friends.