Friday, July 19, 2013

Aussie Curves - Oversized

For a pretty crappy flu-y week I managed some fun outfits this week - in hopes that if I wear happy clothes it will make me feel better. Not sure if that experiment worked well.

My main aim was to wear a lot of maxis.

I wore PJ's because I stayed home sick


My friend CassCass is still talking about this outfit - she's dubbed it the 'Opal Outfit'. I'll try it again in a blue/green colour way for her.

Maxi skirt - Millers
Top - Rockmans
Cardi - Big W
Shoes - Rubi

I have no recollection of what I wore

THURSDAY - the day of two outfits.
I started off with one outfit - ended up getting sick all over the first. Got showered and changed and tried again... Didn't make it through the day though... I'll try to recreate these outfits next week.

Today's outfit was a bit of winner I feel.  My new jacket came from City Chic yesterday, which was extra nice on account of the fact that I had left work early because I wasn't feeling so crash hot.

I bought the belt and the scarf over the June holidays because I knew they would match my pink boots.  

Jacket - City Chic
Top - I made it
Skirt - Millers
Boots - I Love Billy
Scarf and Belt - Autograph

Students loved the jacket and the matchy-matchy was much appreciated.


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  1. oohh that galaxy jacket is so many kinds of fabulous!!

    1. It's been nicknamed 'the magic jacket' by my husband - I guess because it looks like something a magician would wear - lol. But still, I think it's fab.

  2. Anonymous8:03 am

    I love the galaxy jacket from the second photo set!

    1. I think it looks nice and it's comfortable to wear as well.

  3. You look fab in the galaxy jacket! Love the boots too.

    1. Thanks very much! But what about the socks???? No love for them I guess :)